Women Relating To Men



One of the most common questions I hear from men is why aren’t there more women like me; women who ‘get’ men. Why aren’t there more women that are prepared to listen to men and be bothered to understand them.

One of the most common questions I hear from women is ‘why can’t I meet a decent man?’.

The reality is, there are thousands of decent, kind loving men in the world who are single – but they are single because they aren’t going to take just any woman back into their life.

Men have grown tired of trying to live up to women’s ideals. They are tired of not being respected and being asked to constantly change to be more of this, or that, or whatever you need for the day.

There is a simple answer, to a complex problem  ~ and that answer is love and respect. The complexity is that it all starts with you.

Women Relating To Men is a two pronged approach to improving your relationship with men.

1. Dispelling the Myths of Men

~ Myths like:

  • Men Don’t Talk
  • Men Don’t Listen
  • Men Don’t Care
  • Men Don’t Understand

Men do all of these things, you’re just not hearing them and so I help you to replace the narrative of what you’ve been told, with real information on how men communicate, how they heal, what they desire most from women.  It’s not what you might think.

2. Making A Perfectly Imperfect Woman

The next bit is up to you.  I’ve created a self development coaching program for women that leaves them feeling confident and more self assured. The details of this, are all up to you ~ it’s your journey, but imagine if you could let go of judgment,  gain more love and respect for yourself than you ever thought you were allowed, and rediscover all the beauty that you hold within and allow that to really shine.


Imagine this…

If you could wake up in the morning and know that today was going to be a good day.

That it doesn’t matter if you look this way or that, that it doesn’t matter if you wear your skinny jeans or your long skirt today.

That the natural glow in your cheeks looks just perfect the way it is.

That maybe it’s time to colour your hair, but the worlds not going to stop spinning if you hold it off for another week. (yes, really)

Imagine being THAT confident with your life.

Imagine feeling a love so deep that it’s quite simply peaceful.

That you feel so comfortable in your space in the world that all of a sudden, things just seem easy and doable.

Imagine if all of that, meant that you didn’t have to change a thing. That HE didn’t have to change, that you no longer needed a list of demands and requirements for the planets to be in alignment so that your day went well. That you had faith that the planets aligned regardless of you, and all was good in the world.

You have that power within you, you really do.  You have the power of true love and compassion and the ability to live your life free of giving and receiving judgment and criticism.

I wonder what that would look like to you?

I have very limited spaces available for coaching women and I only take clients who are prepared to take an inner journey to find their beauty and gift to the world.   Imagine if you were one….

All coaching is done via Skype and from as little as $97 per month.

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