Women Kill Children And Feminists Are Quiet

Written by Jasmin

Breaking news today in Australia reported that a woman was charged with murder of 3 children and the attempted murder of one more. In April this year she drove her vehicle into a lake with the children strapped inside.

It must go noticed just how quiet the feminists movement goes when women kill, especially children. They firmly campaign that violence against women and children is predominantly perpetrated by men and they try to silence those of us who speak out about female perpetrators.

To my own tally obtained from occasional google searches, 33 Australian children have died or been seriously harmed at the hands of women, mostly mothers, in the past year.

Women who kill infants and children are excused under our legal system with a charge of infanticide or filicide. These definitions were created so that women could obtain more lenient sentences than men. As a woman I know that hormonal imbalances are rife after childbirth, but normal people don’t kill babies. Any woman or man who kills a child is mentally disturbed and of this there can be no doubt.

We like to believe nice fluffy things about women that they are nurturing and caring, so we want to excuse them when they behave in a manner that doesn’t meet those expectations. Why?

The NSW Justice Law Reform Commission reports that the connection to childbirth has been discredited.

The scientific assumptions for the infanticide provisions such as the effect of childbirth and lactation on mental status and the prevalence of psychiatric condition amongst perpetrators of infanticide have been discredited by research studies on this topic (Dobson and Sales 2000).

However infanticide has been around for centuries. The society for the prevention of infanticide reports:

“In 1978, Laila Williamson, an anthropologist of the American Museum of Natural History, summarized the data she had collected on the prevalence of infanticide among tribal and civilized societies from a variety of sources in the scientific and historical literature.” 

“Infanticide has been practiced on every continent and by people on every level of cultural complexity, from hunters and gatherers to high civilization, including our own ancestors. Rather than being an exception, then, it has been the rule.”

“…There is ample historical evidence to document the incredible propensity of parents to murder their children “

“The major difference between the nature of infanticide in the twentieth century, when compared to the rest of recorded history, however, is due to the impact of one modern medical advancement: the widespread availability of safe, and legal, means of abortion. The ability to easily terminate a pregnancy, and thereby eliminate an unwanted child before it is born, has had a profound effect on the prevalence of infanticide.”

“The characterization of the type of parent that is likely to kill their child has changed little over the years. As far back as the middle ages, the children of the poor “Were by far the most common victims of the parental negligence and despair.” Today, infanticide is still most commonly seen in areas of severe poverty.”

“Morally right or wrong – a case of murder or manifestation of a woman’s right to choose – the fact remains that the frequent use of abortion has eased the necessity for killing an infant after its birth.”

“And just as infanticide was described as a crime that was committed by the mother in medieval times, such a likelihood remains true today. Although men are more likely to murder in general, statistical review of prosecutions show that infanticide is usually committed by the mother. When mothers killed their children, however, the victim was usually a newborn baby or younger infant.”

“Most of the murders today are committed with the use of the mother’s hands, either by strangulation or physical punishment.”

Milner, Dr. L. S., 1998

We absolutely must stop excusing women. If we continue to ignore the problems as if they don’t exist in one half of our population, we are contributing and sanctioning more deaths of innocent little lives.

I’m going to call on all women to speak out against the feminist agenda and demand that the narrative be changed. Men have been campaigning for this for years and now it’s time women stepped up to the plate and acknowledge one of the most abominable, unthinkable and largely unspoken problems in our society is being perpetrated by women.



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