The White Ribbon Breakfast ~ where the cash cow meets the gravy train

Written by Jasmin

Guest article by Paul Ross from the Gold Coast.

Malcolm Turnbull and Michaela Cash at it again – this article in today’s Brisbane Courier Mail, next to a Government-sponsored ad for an expensive White Ribbon Day breakfast.

The Queensland Government-sponsored White Ribbon breakfast – at $110 a head, says proceeds will go to White Ribbon and the devoutly-feminist agency DV Connect.

The Commonwealth of Australian Governments domestic violence summit in Brisbane today looks to be yet another vast, polite whitewash by the feminist bureacracies safeguarding their industry into the future. Judging by Turnbull’s media statements, it appears simply a major opportunity to justify and endorse their massive taxpayer-funded expenditure of a gender-biased domestic violence campaign which has come in for huge public criticism.

An extra $30million in Federal funds to enable women to bypass the Family Court system to escape relationships. Not a mention of women being the biggest killers of children in family violence – as recorded in the 2015 annual reports of both the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Federal Children’s Commissioner. Very cleverly this conversation is carefully limited to “violence against women” only.

The equally scandalous part is Cash claiming “anecdotal evidence suggesting” (no sources cited) their campaign aimed at men and boys was “changing their behaviour”.

Cash’s comments that the “Stop It At The Start” ads showing a boy slamming a door in a girl’s face was YouTube’s “most-watched advertisement” seems a desperate attempt to try and defend the ad campaign as evidence of its success. She doesn’t say how many of those clicks were from people disgusted by it or opposed to its sexist content demonising boys.

She is “excited” that the key message of the campaign that “disrespect towards women is linked to violence against women” is getting through.

Again she gives no resource sources for her claims that “79% of Australians now agree that violence against women starts with disrespect against women”.

Talk about co-opting and manipulating one selective aspect of broader domestic and family violence as a shaming tactic to push the wider feminist agenda!

No mention of males or children affected by women’s violence anywhere here – political correctness does not allow such integrity and honesty, it seems.

It will be interesting to see if male or child victims – or even the NSW Government’s recent $13million in support for male victims, even gets a mention in today’s summit.

Paul Ross

Gold Coast

Photo Credit AAP via courier mail 



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