What About The Mean Girls?

Written by Jasmin

The Australian Government is at it again. Let’s throw $30m at a cause to appease the women’s lobby groups. Nice one, Australia. What a joke!

Last year it was $100m to stop violence against women because an inaccurately reported 2 women a week were dying from domestic violence. Apart from the fact the figure reported was a complete myth successfully fabricated by feminist union hideout Destroy The Joint, very little of the $100m was going to victims. Most of the money is going to keep a few opportunists in jobs. You can read about that here.

So let’s talk about a $30m advertising campaign to teach boys to respect girls. First let’s watch this video.

Ah, but this isn’t about women and girls. This is about our violent sons who are going to grow up to be wife bashers, so let’s talk about them.

My son is 9. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and neither do any of his regular play mates. I wonder when they will become violent and aggressive? Puberty? High School? Will his innate sense of masculinity one day just kick in and he will come home after a long day at the office and kill his wife?

Or maybe he never will, because he hasn’t come from a violent household. Despite having separated parents, he doesn’t know about violence and abuse. Not ever has he witnessed a violent act from his parents, despite his father’s own masculinity. His uncles and aunties aren’t violent, nor his grandparents. His friends parents aren’t violent toward each other either. Nope, this child has not grown up with violence.

According to feminist theory, he must just be a violent and sexist because he is a boy.

When he was in kindergarten, he was kicked in the stomach by a boy who is on the autism spectrum. It hurt. A few weeks later when asked to partner up with someone he refused this child to be his partner on the basis that he had previously hurt him. To the amazement of his teacher, he gave this child a lesson in self respect by saying

when you learn to not hurt others, I will be your friend.

He already knew that by having his own respectful boundaries of not accepting violence that he would ultimately protect himself.

There was also a particular little blonde girl in his class and he didn’t like her either because in the very first week she had spat at him and pinched him and was generally mean to everyone. It hurt. She already knew not to ask to be my sons partner.

At age 5 my son knew about self respect and he knew that both boys and girls could hurt him.

But I know, this is about girls experience of victimisation and boys innate perpetration however it’s so easy to get off track when you look at humans, not gender.

At aged 15 my daughter can tell you a lot about boys respecting women. She and her girlfriends have a tribe of male friends, all of whom I know as lovely, respectful and caring young men.

I asked her recently if she had ever received unsolicited nudes or any harassment from boys. The answer was no and to her knowledge neither had her friends.  I asked her if she thought she had ever experienced sexism, and there was only one time in soccer when her new and perhaps naive coach thought she might need to move a little closer at practice to kick a goal. She was the smallest girl on a mixed team of teens. Was he being sexist, polite or kind? It’s hard to know. (For the record she almost kicked a hole through the net right from where she was standing)

She and I have discussed sexism at school. There was a kerfuffle at one point in her school because a particular girl wanted to play in the boys football match at lunch time. Because of the persistent indoctrination of feminist ideology in school there were cries of sexism because she was refused.

The boys didn’t refuse her because they were sexist – they refused her because they wanted to enjoy some time with their mates in a rather rough game of footy. When I spoke to one of the boys involved he told me that they genuinely just enjoyed bloke time and he felt it was good for them to have their own space. Girls do not have to be included in everything without crying foul in victimhood.

In fact, girls are frequently respected for their own groups which no longer applies to boys. For example, Girls Guides are still 100% female, but because females demanded to exert a right to join The Scouts they have now become 75% of that organisation. Boys are no longer allowed their ‘safe space’.

Before Australia entered into the era of victimisation of all women based on our apparent inherent weakness and frailty, we actually talked openly about the rise of female violence.

In 2009 the Sydney Morning Herald published a telling article “Girls At War: the new face of violence.”  The article tells a story of a young man’s birthday party that got gate crashed by 2 girls.

“I asked them to leave and they just started punching,” Sam says. ”They were behaving like animals. They were very angry, big girls, and they knew what they were doing. I have heard about guys who are like that, but I didn’t think girls would be.”

The article went on to state

While the concern over violence has focused almost exclusively on young men, experts say there are worrying signs of rising aggression among teenage girls and young women.

”I think it is growing,” says former policewoman Naomi Oakley, founder of U-Nome, a Melbourne-based security firm and specialist in teen parties.

”It’s seen as trendy. I relate it back to hoons and cars. It used to be just men, but now there is a big surge in the number of hoon women. It’s the same with gatecrashers.”

Health and education specialists and psychologists agree, and their opinions appear to be supported by statistics showing a surge in family violence by girls (often by ”little princesses”), an increase in girl-on-girl attacks in schools, and a rise in the number of women arrested over physical assaults.

Every day we are seeing more reports of violent women in both domestic and the wider community and yet our government has succumbed to the feminist driven agenda that violence comes from disrespecting women.  How then do they explain the rise in female violence?

Canadian Professor Raymond Corrado presented an interesting topic of Multi Problem Risk Profiles of Youth in Custody to the Australian Institute of Criminology in 2012. He said

We have in Canada an increasing phenomena of girl violence. It’s gone up as high as 300%. The ratio has come down in male: female from 10:1 (male:female) some argue (that ratio) is down to 5:1 or 3:1 

But let’s get back on track again to talk about these violent boys.

In endorsing this campaign it seems to miss the attention of the government that boys are more likely to experience victimisation than girls. These are not violent, angry men – they are children. The Australian Institute of Criminology reports

  • In line with victimisation patterns in the general population, males aged 0–14 years have consistently experienced assault at a higher rate than any other type of violent crime. Specifically, males aged 10–14 years were physically assaulted at a rate of 332 per 100,000 in 2005, compared with 361 per 100,000 in 2010. Over the past six years, the rate of assault victimisation for males aged 0–14 years has risen by nine percent.

And while girls may report higher rates of sexual assault (274 per 100,000 compared to 78 per 100,00 for boys) we know that sexual assault against boys is rarely addressed in conversations, vastly under reported and often never spoken about.

It’s curious to note that in conversations about domestic violence which says women’s experience is greater than men’s, we dedicated $100m entirely to women and yet the same logic does not apply to victimisation of our children.

Yes, more women die from domestic homicide than men but 100% of resources go to women because they are the bigger demographic. Now apply that to protecting boys/girls from violence. Suddenly, 100% of the funding goes to the smaller demographic. What does this expose? That it has nothing to do with facts and everything to do with female victimhood.

So while Australia is busy telling boys that they must be respectful of girls, who is letting boys know that being disrespected also happens to them, and it’s OK to talk about it?

Maggie Hamilton is a social researcher and author of What’s Happening To Our Boys and What’s Happening To Our Girls.  Here is what she said in her interview for the documentary A Males Tale.

I think there’s a couple of things surrounding the women’s movement that have really impacted boys negatively which we need to look at. We have grown our boys up for 2 or 3 generations now, where largely the focus has been on women, their needs and their safety. All really important. But we have to be terribly careful not to grow our boys up to be so in tune with what women and girls needs that they have no idea on their own needs. 

We have become so focused on women and girls that women and girls often have no idea on how to read to men’s pain. Because the focus has been on them, it’s all about the blokes getting hteir act together and them dealing with things they need to work on. And what we have to do is swing that back the other way. 

Men have walked across the bridge into the world of women and girls. What we have to do now is to walk the bridge back and then come to a place in the middle where we all come together. 

The Facebook page Destroy The Narrative records acts of violence and aggression of women because it seems no one wants to talk about it this glaring problem in our society. So far this year 14 women have been charged with murder. 8 of them in family violence related attacks. 2 other women have been charged with attempted murder.

There are also recordings of many violent acts by women but those that stand out are the young ones.

Police charge a 13 year old girl with unlawful wounding (stabbing) of a 14 year old girl. 

12 year old girl (allegedly) slashed a 16 year old boy at school 

Police charge a 14 year old girl with stabbing of a girl in a shopping centre

Sorry, I know I should be talking only about disrespectful boys.

Spending $30million dollars on ad campaign to stop sexism and violence against women is somewhat ironic. It’s a sexist campaign designed to help only one gender and target the other and is a complete and utter waste of money – unless the agenda is to make boys feel bad about being alive.

As we know shaming is a well known, tried and tested way in which feminism attempts to close off any male view point. We have become a nation that does nothing other than demonise men and boys for being male and I fear greatly for the impact this will have on our boys as they continue to grow feeling invalid, shamed and silenced about their experience of life.

There is a definite correlation between violence and respect, but it’s about raising boys and girls in a manner where they are taught that self respect is the most important tool they will have. From there boundaries are set, they take responsibility for their actions and their outcomes and violence will then become a non issue.


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About the author


Jasmin is a specialist men’s coach who supports men in all aspects of relationships, but specifically those who are going through high conflict separation and divorce. She is also a dedicate advocate for services for men and their children who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Jasmin helps men who are struggling and feeling lost and alone, to move to a place of acceptance and confidence so they can move ahead and live a life consistent with their values and beliefs. She believes strongly in the power of overcoming past hurts through empathy and compassion.

She is a mother of two, author, presenter and coach. She lives in the idyllic coastal town of Merimbula, NSW, Australia.

*All written material on Relating To Men is subject to copyright to the author.

  • Andrew Carter

    Well said. Recognising that violence starts small and grows is good, deciding that only boys need to behave better I’d flying in the face of reality. Has no one been out in public lately. It is much more likely that the violence will be done by women and when they do they don’t stop on their own. A guy that gets another guy down will usually stop. A gang of girls make will just keep kicking them when they are down.
    Time for the false paradigm promoted by feminists to be recognised for what it is and corrected.
    Teach every one to be respectful. Teach everyone to negotiate in good faith and not escalate to verbal, psychological and physical abuse. Teach kids how to resolve conflict.
    Don’t treat boys as faulty girls. Stop assuming that all violence results from men.

    • I often wonder if we will ever reach ration conversation on this issue. Sadly, I doubt it. There is simply too much money invested in keeping their agenda alive.

      • Kronk

        That really is the point after all isn’t it? Far too little is written on this absolute fact. Its nothing personal against one half of the worlds population; it’s just that their are literally BILLIONS up for grab each and every year and it is true, there are some people in this world who would actually kidnap your children away from you JUST to get at the money that brings.
        And the vast majority of ‘Sheeple’ do ABSOLUTLY NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!
        I guess our children are not worth it…

      • Shrek6

        It’ll all stop one day Jasmin, when enough men get fed up with all the abuses that they and boys suffer. Unfortunately, their gynocentric brainwashing by their mothers is too complete for them to question anything. We are not going to see this change come anytime soon.

        However, once enough men do become fed up and decide to act, that will be the day that all women will rue the day they ever behaved badly toward boys and men. Many will suffer terrible privations because of the changes men will bring into society.

        Women and girls will be brought back to earth with a huge thud and it will not be good for any of them. Take this as a vision for the future if you will.

        This abuse of 50% of the population cannot go on forever and when it stops, the abusers will suffer so much that many will lose their lives. No they won’t be murdered, but they could kill themselves out of fear and anxiety for how they will live, because all male assistance will be withdrawn from them.
        This will be a time when women will have to live, work, fight and die alongside men giving equal effort and work, or they will end up on the streets begging for scraps, you know, just like men do and are today.

        If women don’t want the tables to be turned like this, the best thing they can do is immediately call a halt to all this hatred of men and boys, and set the pendulum to the centre mark ASAP.
        They will have to then spend billions on services for men and get them the assistance they need, which means looking after all homeless men, scrapping the family courts and prosecuting all judges, lawyers and police who have broken the law. Force equal opportunity, care and services for both men and women in society at all levels. Going through the cases of all men in prison and releasing all those stitched up on circumstantial evidence, especially if they were accused of a crime against a women.
        And release all men from prison who are their due to child support reasons.

        Tell the single mothers to get off of their arses and get a job, because all forms of child support will be scrapped immediately. They will no longer be living on the gravy train.

        If you don’t want kids, then keep your damn legs together!
        If a man rapes you, then go to the police, but you had better have evidence or you WILL be charged and imprisoned for 5 years for making a false allegation of rape!

        Every single benefit women have that is not necessary, must be immediately stripped away. They must lose everything that gives them privilege over men.

        Can you imagine women doing any of this?
        Not on your life!
        So the unfortunate truth is, the wrong kind of change will eventually come and women will suffer.
        Don’t fret though, because it will be a long time coming, because men are too brainwashed to act. Eventually they will!

        • Kronk

          That’s good stuff right there mate but look now, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT as evidenced by the almost complete apathy of the humans on this planet. I never stop shaking my head asking myself; when will enough REALY BE ENOUGH?!?!?
          Like the very real brainwashing you mentioned, it took a very long time to accomplish and thus, its not going away anytime soon. And everyday it gets just a little worse but that’s OK, there is a great football game playing…

    • DukeLax

      State law enforcement would tell you that most violent crime comes from the more matriarchal segments of society…But if they have to start telling the truth, they risk losing all these extra federal pork bloating dollars, and triangles!!

    • Nathan

      Action on female violence has been sadly lacking.

      We need to take steps to address some of the issues soon, before it becomes an epidemic.

  • Bob

    Thank you, Jasmin.

  • RevSpinnaker

    “Yes, more women die from domestic homicide than men but 100% of resources go to women because they are the bigger demographic. Now apply that to protecting boys/girls from violence. Suddenly, 100% of the funding goes to the smaller demographic. What does this expose? That it has nothing to do with facts and everything to do with female victimhood.”

    Great article Jasmin, but I disagree with one point. While feminists certainly do push their “women are victims” narrative, that is a smokescreen for what they are really hiding, female perpetrators of child abuse. That’s why the feminist definition of domestic violence (VAWA) doesn’t include child abuse. They want us all to pretend it doesn’t exist because the offenders are mostly women. That’s why I immediately confront feminists with child abuse statistics as soon as I find out they are feminist. To be honest, it’s great fun. It’s an offensive approach that puts THEM on the defensive for once. And they have NO response. I guess they never mentioned it in women’s studies. Then I start calling them “child abuse apologists.”
    I’ve been saying for years, the feminist denial of the breadth and social impact of child abuse will be their demise. They have no excuses and any attempt to “blame the patriarchy” will soon fall on deaf ears for sadistic moms.

    • I don’t think it’s a disagreement, just another point. They also silence the disabilities sector and elder abuse for exactly the same reasons.

  • DukeLax

    By arresting and persecuting innocent guys on false accusations……and fostering and enabling the mean, nasty, and violent females………law enforcement can manufacture a “prison industrial complex” and force society into a general matriarchy….that keeps law enforcement budgets “inflated”. More matriarchy…means more cops and robbers games law enforcement can play, and bill the taxpayer for. My theory is that just a 10% increase in holding the most violent women accountable for their actions…would drop over-all societal crime and violence by over 50%.

    • Stu

      Law enforcement, mainly male police and lawyers etc, are going to pay. Recently there was a write up about how cops in SA are rejecting the 50/50 female recruitment mandate. Most people in online surveys are voting against it too. I say……vote for it. Vote to have all those men in the police force subject to the same shit they enforce on us. They go along with bullshit definitions of DV……go and arrest men and drag them away knowing they have done bugger all…..so fuck them…..fill the force with women so these men will have to cope with cupcakes feelings lording it over them……and let the false accusations begin in ernest against them. Let them sit in session after session being told how the police force is a male dominated misogynist oppressive place to work….and how they will be adopting a listen and believe policy for any female officer who complains about a male officer…….because the force is a rape culture……where sexual harassment and misogyny is rampart…..LOL. Let the fuckers who enforce all the gynocentric misandric laws suffer like the rest of us.. To hell with them. They think they are special exempt men……they aren’t. And their day is coming

  • Chris

    Any time you tell a group of people they are victims and give them a free pass to commit violence the results are predictable. Girl violence will only increase until the law cracks down on it.

    • Nathan

      Even if you are a victim, you have no right to vicitmise others.
      Feminists seem not to understand this.

      • Kronk

        …ain’t that a damn fact!

  • Stu

    All the DV programs serve two purposes. To provide paid employment for useless good for nothing ideologues who probably couldn’t hold a job flipping burgers. The second reason, is to produce men like the man in the video above, being beaten to hell and doing nothing about it. Human punching bags for women. Emotionally, financially, verbally, and physically. And of course this also has the side affect of producing more women that will abuse men in any way their feelings dictate at the time. Why not……what are the consequences for them. Man can’t do anything, law wont do anything..

  • Southside

    Oh Jasmin. You know your Daddy is never going to love you, no matter how much hate you post against women. Keep trying darling

    • My father loves me perfectly, just as I love myself. That’s the difference between people like you – and me. Love. You should try it some time.

      • Southside

        Love?? You have so much hate for your own gender. But if it wins you points with men you will go with it. I don’t think I will try that.

        • Kronk

          ‘Facts are stubborn things’ and all you have to refute them is rancor toward Jasmin with absolutely ZERO useful information toward the topic. In my neck of the world you are called an idiot but since you have already proven your self first to be a feminist, I guess we already know that don’t we?

          • Shrek6

            Oh yeah!

          • Southside

            True. I didn’t enter a debate with Jasmin. This is because I read an article that was an opinion piece that did not have facts so a debate was not an option. You must be using the royal ‘we’, and you ask a lot of rhetorical questions that are not conducive to any type of discussion.

          • mark mooroolbark

            You mean there are no mean girls? You are funny.

          • Kronk

            Lets break this down shall we?

            You said: “True. I didn’t enter a debate with Jasmin. This is because I read an article that was an opinion piece that did not have facts so a debate was not an option“.

            It’s perfectly OK to debate an opinion article unless you have an inability to structure a sentence correctly. Then nobody will take you seriously anyway. Can you hear me now?

            You said: “You must be using the royal ‘we’

            I’m sorry, but I don’t have clue what that means? I never wrote down that word anywhere and I don‘t get the meaning. Maybe I’m not supposed to? Maybe it’s just supposed to sound cool and make people here believe that you an intellectual? As a feminist, that would be impossible…

            You said: “and you ask a lot of rhetorical questions that are not conducive to any type of discussion“.

            Well that’s not accurate either now is it? I did not ask one single question. Are you making this up as you go because you have absolutely nothing of substance to add here but you feel that your privilege as an ‘Entitled-Princess’ is rapidly slipping away? That you have to say something, ANYTHING to try and sound like you know what you are talking about?

            YOU DON”T!!!

        • The only person I see hating here is you on me. According to your own definition, you are a misogynist.

          As I sit here with my female cousin, my daughter and her friends on a gilrs weekend away – we are laughing at you saying my hatred of women. The last time I sat in this place I was with my 80 year old aunty and her sister talking about gender politics and how they view modern feminisms view of men and their entitlement. They too think you are a joke. Both of them are strong, powerful outspoken women who stood up for their rights throughout their lives in an era where life WAS difficult for women.

          I don’t hate women. I don’t hate anyone. I do hate hypocrisy, liars and bullies, however.

          • Shrek6

            Well said!

          • Southside

            I didn’t define anything, so …. huh?? And you sat in the internet? Wow, I wish I could do that, it would be super cool. Say hi to your aunty.

          • mark mooroolbark

            Bye bye sweetie.

        • mark mooroolbark

          Please support this ridiculous statement with factual evidence. Jas displays nothing but compassion for all victims of abuse regardless of their gender. You are one weird cookie.

    • mark mooroolbark

      Yuk. You are a sad loser. Go away and play with your cats.

  • Nathan

    We need a male Sex Discrimination commissioner to help balance things.

    The fact we have a Minister for Women but not for men says it all, really.

    • Southside

      Ummm. the minster for everything else are men Fucktard

      • Andrew Carter

        +Southside But strangely men look after women more than they do men. The other ministries have a responsibility for specific areas. A minister for equality should actually look out for equality rather than just follow doctrine and work on women’s issues alone. It is time to stop spreading the myth that women are the only victims and men are the only perpetrators.

        • Southside

          Do you really think men look after women more than men? I don’t think that is true at all. I don’t think it is a negative evaluation that men don’t, I don’t think that men have any interest in giving up their position of power in politics to allow equal representation on any political matter.

          • Andrew Carter

            Yes Society as a whole continues to favour women. Male politicians especially. There has not been a single piece of legislation passed in the western world since the seventies that favoured men over women. Funding for female issues has always exceeded those for men in similar circumstances. Women in politics tend to have a gynecocentric view and tend to ignore or deny male issues. Male politicians have been hoodwinked by the feminist lobby and so fall in line.
            Having less female politicians has no effect on the success of women issues being addressed. If representation in government is a true issue for you it is just a case of having women go through the grind of getting preselected. If more women take an interest, show up to party meetings , take part in party activities and work towards a career as a politician they will get elected. BUT there has to be a good reason for them to be elected not just because they are women.
            No one gives up power. Women have to fight for it just like men.

          • Southside

            Yes. Some women are fighting for power, and some men are scared shitless by that. Others just want a fair go for all. Regardless of gender.

          • Andrew Carter

            You sound like you are projecting. What frightens me is not women doing a good job but women promoting gynecocentrism rather than representing their entire constituency or their portfolio in an equitable manner. Having an all woman short list as in Queensland greens is not equality or anything like it. It is simple gynecocentrism in a cynical play for votes. It does nothing to get the best candidates. Just promotes the idea that women cannot compete in an equal playing field and that only women can represent the needs of women. The same as having a specific ministry for women instead of equality tells us all that women’s issues have priority and men’s issues don’t count.
            By this logic we would have had legislation favouring men consistently for the last 40 years. This is simply not the case. Legislation and its application by government has either favoured women or been neutral to the genders since before women got the vote.

          • Southside

            Projecting, how? I find some of your statements contradictory in your last post. Why is having an all woman short list any different to many of the all men short lists? Why is gender an issue for you when it is all women candidates, but not an issue when it is all men? Why do you think they would be any less suited for the work? Why is it a play for votes? Very cynical. You stated earlier that if women want to have a larger representation in politics then they should do the hard work and get involved, yet then when they do get involved you think it is purely their gender that is getting them on a short list rather than hard work and interest in politics. It’s a very circular argument.

          • Andrew Carter

            An all women short list would be fine if they were selected on the basis of qualifications not gender. The all male short lists have not been chosen on the basis of gender for a generation. Seeing the newspaper articles it is pretty clear that gender was the reason for selection not qualifications so I have to ask myself why? Either it is a philosphical choice or a cynical choice to please the electorate. If it is the latter at least be honest and say it pleases the female voters and will give the greens more votes.

            I don’t approve of selection of candidates based on gender.

          • Nathan

            No, it’s because those shortlists tend to ONLY consider women.
            Whereas the all-male shortlists you talk about often start with a wide list that covers both genders, and then is narrowed down.

            Can you even see that difference?

            Can you see the sexism inherent in arguing that you need to have women to represent women?

            Female politicians do NOT represent women. They represent their electorate.
            Just like the men.

          • mark mooroolbark

            You are talking utter rubbish. What men are scared shitless? We have had a female PM, female GG, many female premiers and I have never seen men complaining or revolting over this fact. When they do complain about the poor political performance of a politician who happens to be female they are immediately branded sexist. Yet male politicians get torn to shreds and no-one suggests it’s becasue of their gender. Why?

          • Kronk

            “Do you really think men look after women more than men”?

            Umm, in a word YES!
            Or is that OF COURSE THEY DO!!

            It may be true that powerful men take care of their buddies, but powerful men are far more likely to devote their power to help protect and take care of WOMEN they don’t even know, then men they don’t know, and most men are complete strangers to those men in power.

            Now what?

      • Nathan

        Ok, well, first, thank you for conceding the point by insulting me.
        IF your argument stood on its own, you wouldn’t need to do that.

        Secondly, consider your point, however rudely made.
        Ministers are given responsibility for specific parts of our government or country.
        So, for example, the Foreign Minister (A woman, btw) is responsible for our relationship with other countries.
        To argue that all ministers who are male make decisions that only benefit men is somewhat ludicrious, given that these spheres of responsibility are not gender specific. It’s hard to think of how our relationship with China has a specific positive or negative effect on either gender.

        Now, onto the ridiculous idea that male MP’s only make decisions for the good of men. An MP is supposed to represent their electorate. The entire electorate. If the women of hte electorate feel that the current MP doesn’t represent their interests, then they should vote for someone else.
        But it seems ridiculous to say that the men in Malcolm Turnball’s electorate are doing better than the men in Julie Bishops, because Malcolm is a man, and therefore governs for them.

        Finally, the insulting and sexist idea that a female MP will do things for women. Is this so?
        When have we seen this?
        MP’s are required to assess the issues of the day and make the best decision for their electorate, NOT based on what gender they happen to be.
        Basically, if your argument is correct, we should either fire all the female MP”s, because they are only representing half their electorate(the women) OR we should have two MP’s per electorate, one a man, one a woman, to make sure both genders are covered?

        Or we could acknowledge that gender is not a factor, and we do not need a minister who’s sole job is supposed to be to look out for women.
        Not to mention the sexism inherent in saying that only a woman can do that job.

        True equality would require either a Minister for Men, OR the removal of gendered ministries.
        The latter is a far better idea.

        • Southside

          I fell asleep half way through your post.

          • Nathan

            Yup, that’s about the level of response I expected.

          • mark mooroolbark

            You were unable to form a coherent response. I think you are out of your depth, Southy.

          • Kronk

            That’s because you can’t follow simple logic. All feminisst such as yourself have a problem with this.

      • mark mooroolbark

        So unwell. Please explain how the fact that most ministers are male has in any way benefited the male population you silly goose. We have no minister for men’s issues, we spend far more money on women’s health, we spend hundreds of millions on female victims of DV and none on male victims. Women are given preferential treatment in the Family Courts and in the criminal justice system. I could go on.

        Please explain in great detail how the male ministers have ignored women or helped men.

        • Shrek6

          Think you might be wasting your time Mark. Do you really think you will get an anything like an intelligent answer from this femtard?
          I don’t!

  • disqus_ArQv6e31it

    Thank you so much for bring the truth to light. I have a 42 page document with links to hundreds and hundreds of studies and articles that PROVE beyond any doubt that DV is NOT gender specific (I have added a tiny sample below). This approach by feminists is based on nothing but hatred of men.

    • Southside

      And your approach is based on nothing but hatred of women.

      • Kronk

        …and the feminist approach is hatred of men but we don’t see you addressing that in the slightest do we?
        Why is that exactly?

        • Southside

          1. You’re doing that for me. 2. ‘That’ can be exactly, if you are referring to specific person or event or object. Not sure if I can answer that question any better.

          • Kronk

            In order to have a logical discussion, the writer here is required to be able to string words together into a coherent sentence so as to be able to be understood.
            Please give that some thought…

          • Southside

            Your lack of understanding is not due to my sentence structure. It may be due to your comprehension skills. Think about that…

          • Kronk

            I did, and I realize now that indeed! I was right! It’s is you after all…

            Maybe you would explain to us here why you think it’s so Grooy and Wonderful to be so adamant toward defending feminism, which has been proven to be a self-serving hate group?
            And this time, please try and be clear and concise; you seem to have a problem with that. Feminists always do…

          • Andrew Chris Davis

            love your two line replies. No facts, just insults. Feminist through and through lmao

      • Andrew Carter

        Didn’t you want to check the references to see if they may be valid?

      • mark mooroolbark

        You are clearly unwell. Seriously. Take care.

    • Southside

      OH, 42 pages. so big. so impressive

  • Shrek6

    Jasmine, yet again a damn fine article, pulling apart the garbage that is feminism, the women’s movements and the lies told by the feminist controlled media.

    This Maggie Hamilton is bordering on being a complete idiot. She is just like all other women out there who claim to love men and boys, but have no clue as to the sins they commit even in some of their so-called supportive comments.

    It disgusts me when I read that the comments from these women where they say things like, “But we have to be terribly careful not to grow our boys
    up to be so in tune with what women and girls needs that they have no
    idea on their own needs. ”

    Stupid woman! It’s too late by 30+ years, because her ridiculous fears occurred decades earlier and boys lives have been trashed by all this girl and female garbage all this time.

    Then she talks about crossing back over some bridge to meet in the middle and correct the wrongs. What a load of nonsense. This woman clearly knows nothing and cares little about men and boys!

    The lives of men and boys have been so totally disrupted, emasculated, abused, betrayed and virtually annihilated, that to fix any of this damage done by these wicked seething harridans, we have to go right back over the bridge to the world of men and boys, rebuild what women have destroyed, then, AND ONLY THEN, can we go and meet in the middle of the bridge.

    The reason why?
    Is because throughout all human history, women and girls have never been treated like boys and men have over the past 50 years. Never!

    • Southside


      • 42 pages of links – or can’t you read.

        You’re baiting here in order to get someone to say something mean. Here it’s is….

        Boo !!

        Now go away to your safe space.

        • Southside

          I can read. Thankfully I live in a country that allows females education.

          • Exactly – so go help women in countries where they don’t and stop harassing men and women here.

          • Southside

            If harassment is having an opinion about gender then you. lovely lady, are the harasser aficionado

          • No it’s not – but trolling someones website looking for fights is – and that’s all you’re doing.

          • Southside

            If you write an opinion piece then expect opinions back. It’s pretty simple. I don’t agree with your opinion.

          • As stated. Next?

          • Kronk

            As a feminist, it would be impossible for you to agree with facts. Those of us with a grasp on reality already know this. You cannot win a position where you are firmly against fairness, reason and logic. Someday, I hope you turn away from the Dark-Side.

    • I respect Maggie, and in this she was referring to young boys, as an I in a large part of this article. I think perhaps her worlds have been spoken in a way to not upset the feminists. But as we know, nothing matters with them. I’m on a 3 day Facebook ban for politely requesting a girl not bully another girl.

      • Shrek6

        Oh you naughty girl. Know your place woman and don’t chastise those who are female.
        I guess you’ll be able to handle a short respite from FB. After all, it isn’t the best world to live in.
        Thanks again for all the work you do, it is invaluable!

  • Joyi Kraus

    In this ad the mother makes a defining comment, but then so does the father. It was not an ad that said boys will grow up to be wife beaters or bruts – it was about if society teaches a boy that a girl is less than or weaker, then he will eventually view her as someone of less value and maybe even someone not allowed to contradict him. Just as it shows that girls told to tolerate such behavior may eventually pick partners that treat them disrespectful or violently, and if those girls are taught by society to somehow take that behavior towards them as a form of like or love… then they will feel confused and powerless to stand up to it.

    Having said that..
    I was born 70 years than my great grandmother… She could not even vote until after she was married and had children. My great aunt, her daughter, was expected to feed her husband a steak, while her and her children ate very meager meals… she often did not eat in order to feed them. It was commonplace for men to hit their wives if they spoke ‘out of turn.’ My mother’s generation was not protected by any law if a man hit or raped his wife, even if they were separated.

    I agree that fair is fair; but I also believe that the attention brought to the issues of women is huge reason that men are also finding their voices and are becoming less and less worried about being stigmatized. A society acknowledging that what is said to our daughters and our sons does affect the way our children view gender and gender roles in their adult lives.

    in America, there was no such crime against raping your wife until the mid 1980’s?? I mean a man could rape his wife and get away with it, because that was his wife. No other reason. Where I live, there is a large portion of the population that do not allow their daughters to go to school beyond 8th grade at age 14 or 15. They are then expected to be at home with their mothers so they can help with domestic duties and the younger siblings. They are very young, and they are in charge of the logistics of getting the kids to school, dressing, bathing, groceries, meals and so on. The girls are valued in the domestic realm and given little or no choice to decide otherwise. In China… well, do I even have to explain?

    Consider how many derogatory terms and comments are common place and are associated with women…

    ** Put downs…
    She’s a bitch!,
    He’s a son of a bitch!, (Implying the mother (the bitch) is to be held accountable for a man’s poor behavior or rudeness. What??),
    What a pussy!
    You are pussy whipped, man.,
    I hate women drivers.,

    ** Compliments
    Cat calls
    Looks (rather than talent, individuality, humor or intelligence) being the primary way to compliment a woman.
    She is a looker!
    I am going to have to shoo the boys off with a shotgun!,
    What kind of dress is that, where did you get it?,
    I wish I had her body.,
    “They’re called boobs.”
    She has balls bigger than mine.,

    ***If a woman is successful, is short and to the point, likes or plays ‘boy’ sports, gets a short haircut, is not into barbie, doesn’t like dresses, has a strong personality, sweats, etc…

    (From the school-yard)
    You dress like a boy.,
    Eww… you’re gross.
    Tomboy (sometimes as in ‘That’s so cute,’ and sometimes not so much, but both ways suggest girls who like to climb trees or get muddy are a bit of an oddity to be noticed, because they are a girl doing those things.

    (In a ‘grown-up’ world)
    She slept her way to the top.,
    Ice Princess.,
    I don’t like her, she is just odd… she would be so pretty if she wouldn’t do her hair/ make-up/ clothes that way.
    She just gets by on her looks.,
    I would be as successful as her if I looked like that, too!
    On average a woman is paid less for doing the same work.

    If a girl sleeps with me on the first date, I want nothing more to do with her… she is a slut. (Says the guy – It takes two to tango.)
    If you give away the milk, then what reason should a guy buy the farm?,
    Women should be angels in public

    (Marriage and Children)
    She got pregnant on purpose (to trap him, or to keep him from leaving, or because she was sneaky and knew he didn’t want kids.)
    The more common expectation is that a woman will put off her education or career while a man finishes his, or until the kids start school.,
    Single women (successful or not) are destined to be ‘Cat ladies.’
    A woman should be a saint at church, a lady in the street and a whore in bed., (There are several versions across man cultures.
    When I married you, you weren’t fat.. of course I am no longer turned on. (Again, forgetting health issues, having children, natural slowing down of metabolism or activity, and worst of all… their own bald head, saggy skin, spare tire, wrinkles; there flaws are of no consequence – just hers.)
    Men age and become more attractive, women age and become less so.

    **If a woman has a legitimate complaint, is sick or in pain, or just has a bad day and is grouchy…
    Are you on your rag, again?,
    I cannot wait until next week when you are back to your old self.
    You sound just like my mother!,
    You sound just like your mother!,
    How much longer do I have to listen to you nag.,
    You are just trying to get attention.
    Why does everything have to be about you!?,
    You are over-reacting, blowing it all out of proportion.
    You are exaggerating.
    You are letting your emotions get the best of you.
    You are a lazy cow! or You don’t do anything around here. (Forgetting the clean clothes in the drawers, the toilet scrubbed, the meals made, holidays and birthdays planned, shopped for, and executed.)
    You need to get you woman back in line… she is causing problems.

    **Culture, religion, fairy-tales and wisdom…
    Very often it is the women who are portrayed as the fallen, the wicked, the distress, the evil, the bitter, the malicious, etc…
    The good girls get SAVED by the prince, or give up all to protect/care for another with the result being an unrealistic expectation that simply being obedient (and beautiful) will eventually lead to all your dreams come true.
    One of the most famous stories ever told is that of Adam and Eve.
    A woman should obey her mother, father, husband, etc… otherwise she might be beat, turned out, turned into a slave, locked up, be slashed or maimed to take away her beauty, and so on.
    Holy books refer to the creator as a man or male figure.
    The Bill of Rights, “All men are created equal…”

    I am not saying that men do not get subjected to names, expectations about money, judgements that make them marriage material, and so on. I know they do. But the insults are not so pervasive in society that a man’s (or a woman’s) father is blamed for the child acting like an ass. The devaluation and dismissal are not so pervasive that men must work twice as hard to get ahead. A man can have a messy house and get away with it (in societies eyes) because they work all the time. A woman can work the same hours, but still be looked down on if she keeps ‘bachelor pad.’

    If a woman is to be the keeper of the home, then she should be elevated in her role, her authority in the home should be respected, and she should be given the tools to organize, decorate, feed… in short to give her family nutrition for their body and their soul. She should be able to give them a healthy sanctuary to come home to. AND if the man is the homemaker and the woman brings in the main income… then the opposite should be the expectation. Each partner in the marriage should also want to be in the role they are in…. not forced to be there.

    • I’m not going to write an essay because I’ve written so much on this subject including this article – but here is some food for thought. Men and women are different and we view things differently.

      Try some of these on for size. It’s not a competition – but it’s not a solo voyage either. We all FEEL

      Man up. Toughen up. Harden up. Be a man. You’re a not a ‘real’ man. Grow a pair. Stop your whining. Man flu.

      Men can’t get raped.
      Men are stronger than women.
      If she beat you – you deserved it.
      No man should ever hit a woman, even in self defence.

      All men are assholes / bastards / pricks.

      How much do you earn? What kind of car do you drive? What suburb do you live in? How are you going to support me?

      Men are hot / more attractive when they are ripped / well built / not fat / workout – all other guys go on the scrap heap.

      Men always want sex and if he doesn’t there is something wrong with him.

      Men should pay for the first date / or not – depending on the woman and somehow he should know this in advance.

      Be a gentleman, but don’t hold the door for the wrong woman or she will abuse you for it.

      A gentleman always……(x y z )

      A guy and a girl get drunk and have sex. According to the law thanks to feminism HE is the only one with responsibilities.

      An adult woman has sex with a boy and he is “lucky”

      She gets pregnant either by accident or by choice without his consent and HE has no parental rights whatsover except those that are dictated to him.

      HE can stay home and be the primary caregiver for the pre school years but when the couple divorce – maternal rights are given over paternal rights.

      Boys should respect girls and men should respect women. (NEVER do we see this in reverse). Never hit a girl – even if she is assaulting you.

      We talk about toxic maculinity, but never toxic femininity – as if being toxic is only for men.

      A father kills a child and it’s because he is a violent male. A mother kills a child and she is depressed.

      • mark mooroolbark


    • THX1138

      This is nothing but whining. I’m sorry but that’s all it is.
      it’s full of personal anecdotes which you manage to project onto all of society.
      Your grandfather was a mean stingy asshole so that’s proof it was an accepted and commonplace ‘back then’. No, it doesn’t work that way. much of what you say reads like it’s come straight out of a Gender Studies course. Are you currently studying one?
      Alimony has been around for a very long time. Even 100 years ago judges knew it was a racket.
      and considering that now the VAST majority of divorces are initiated by women, they sure as hell can’t use the the old “he’s traded me in for a younger model” spiel any longer, as women learn that they can trade in their husband for Uncle Patriarchy at virtually any time AND Uncle Pat will make sure she gets as many of his assets as possible in the bargain….But I’m sure you’re familiar with all that.

      “If a woman is to be the keeper of the home, then she should be elevated
      in her role, her authority in the home should be respected, and she
      should be given the tools to organize, decorate, feed… in short to
      give her family nutrition for their body and their soul. She should be
      able to give them a healthy sanctuary to come home to. AND if the man
      is the homemaker and the woman brings in the main income… then the
      opposite should be the expectation. Each partner in the marriage should
      also want to be in the role they are in…. not forced to be there.”

      Who the hell says that she isn’t those things? Women control 80% of domestic spending, make the vast majority of the decisions regarding family purchases, such as furniture, family car, decorating the house, they usually organise the family budget and control nutrition and any pre-school education……It must be that way if the man is the primary breadwinner. Who else would do them?

      You mention house husbands, They wouldn’t be house husbands if they didn’t take on that role, but one thing they HAVE found, is that a seeming majority of such relationships usually end in divorce because even though the woman is high earning and the main breadwinner, they still are attracted to men who out-earn or out perform them, and their hubby’s are usually left high and dry after wife cuckolds him with a higher status male – this is the hypergamous nature of woman, their predilection for seeking the highest-status partner they can find. Showing you that feminism does not and cannot trump biology.
      As an interesting aside, the same researchers on house husband phenomena struggle to make these studies over the long term because so many of the wives end up divorcing them AND even though the man was the primary care-giver, being a stay at home parent, custody almost always was given to the wife.

  • Elliott Gaal

    Well written Ms. Newman.

    This kind of campaign will not only ignore male victims but possibly embolden female perpetrators.
    At some time we’re going to have to force a discussion and make society think long and hard about the lies they’ve been told.
    Is it any wonder boys are faring worse and worse when all they hear is how they’ll grow up to violent monsters. I think the only way some of these groups will start thinking about this is if it happens to a man or men in their lives.
    If that doesn’t work, there is no hope for them.

  • c j

    The point in these ads is that violence is not innate, but rather, it is learned by adults perpetuating stereotypes, such as “don’t throw like a girl” and ‘he is mean to you because he likes you’. The boys and girls are learning this behaviour. As well, you really shouldn’t base your arguments on your own experiences. These issues are much bigger than yourself. The whole point of these ads is to help teach boys that they are NOT innately sexist assholes, but that we as adults need to nurture that and stop perpetuating stereotypes like ‘be a man’ and what that means in our culture. I know the boys in my life are learning that to be a man means to be sensitive to people, to their environments, just like your son, Jasmin. The fact that people are trying to stop the wrong lessons from being taught is not a direct assault on you and your family nor is it an assault on all boys. It’s a message to our culture. The problem exists, even if it doesn’t exist in your own backyard. And its not to say that it is the only problem that exists, but that’s the one being tackled here.

    • I presented far more than just my experiences.

      What these ads are doing are ignoring that girls are also violent, nasty, abusive. Teach children self respect. Not boys to be this or that.

      How would you feel if these ads were targeted at teaching little girls how not to be abusive?

      Seriously – you can’t see how hypocritical this is?

      Feminists would be screeching misogny if anyone dared to polarise and categorise women in the way they are doing to men. this is only ok to you because men are the target. If women were the target you’d be outraged.

      If you truly believe that violence is learned (as I do) then you will open your eyes to the volumes of mothers who are abusing children daily. They are more likely to kill and be neglectful than fathers.

      Why only talk about men? Why not make it neutral.

    • mark mooroolbark

      That don’t throw like a girl line infuriates me because it is taken out of context. When males-be they boys or men engage in sport, they are almost always quicker and more powerful. It is a simple fact that girls are generally weaker and less adept at ball throwing and football. To say to a male-“you throw like a girl” is an observation that his power or technique is less than it should be. Any intelligent, perceptive girl would understand and acknowledge this without taking offense.

      If a group of women in a knitting circle said to one of the less adept women-“you knit like a man” or you have the touch of a male footballer” I would not see it as an attack on men but an observation that most men are not as capable as women when it comes to knitting.

      • c j

        You response is the most inane thing I have ever heard in my life and is the very reason these ads exist. No, men are not inherently better at sports than women. And women are not inherently better at knitting than men. I hope if you have a daughter you will not force her to knit if she has no interest and is a skilled baseball player. But good on her if she likes knitting. Likewise, if you had a son, I would hope you wouldn’t make him feel like “less of a man” if he was adept at knitting. To say that you approve telling boys that their lack of skill makes them like a girl, perpetuates the idea in their heads that being a man is better than being a woman. It is a no-brainer.

        • mark mooroolbark

          Such a dishonest, disingenuous response. If as you say, men are not inherently stronger and more powerful than women then why do we have a football competition for women and a separate one for men? Why do we have separate competitions of male and female tennis players, golfers, boxers, athletes and cricketers?

          I never said men were inherently better at sports than women. You made that up.

          I have beautiful daughter who has always been free to do whatever she wishes to do. You had the nerve to say my comment was inane when you have simply made up comments you wish I had made rather than respond to what I actually said. Where did I say any man was less of a man if he couldn’t knit as well as a woman? Where did I suggest that any man who chooses to knit is less of a man for making that choice?

          My beautiful son has also always been free to pursue whatever hobby, passion or career he wants.

          I repeat-it is a fact that most boys throw further and with better technique than girls. That is why we have different sporting competitions.There are always exceptions to every rule but it is an accurate statement. No-one is suggesting that girls are less important, less valuable, less talented or inferior to boys in any way other than ball throwing. Most girls would laugh and happily agree as men do when women mock their less skillful attempts to arrange flowers or wrap a gift. When women laugh about a bloke having a “man look” I don’t believe they think men are inferior or somehow less worthy of respect than women. It is an observation based on a lifetime of personal experience.

          It is you who have written a nonsensical comment.

          • c j

            Its not just about strength comparisons. When a girl hears those words, they start believing they shouldn’t be as good as a boy at something and a boy here’s that its better to be like a boy. An adult can understand when to take it “as a joke” because I guess people think that’s funny, but a child doesn’t know how to do that. They just hear boy is better than girl.
            The evolution of gender based sports is another conversation all together. For one, women were not always allowed to play especially professionally. it’s taken a lot of work to gain equality in that aspect and we’re not there yet. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a boys team and a girls team, but you have to understand the power of words, that is all I am saying.

          • mark mooroolbark

            The reason we don’t have boys and girls or men and women competing in the vast majority of sports is because men are generally much more powerful and much faster. It is a simple fact. it isn’t a social construct or something that is still evolving.

            The heart of the matter lies in your reference to the power of words. You say making the comment, “you throw like a girl” will damage a girl’s self esteem. I beg to differ as most girls would happily concede the fact that they can’t throw as well as boys. Let’s just say you are correct. Boys have all kinds of comments hurled at them from birth which I believe have a far more damaging effect on their sense of what it means to be a man.
            “Man up.”
            “Prove you’re a man”
            “A real man wouldn’t do ….”
            “Grow a pair”
            “Don’t be a sook/boys don’t cry”
            You must have had a boy/man look (accompanied by a roll of the eyes.
            He’s got the “man flu” accompanied by roll of the eyes.

            Yet given these terribly demeaning comments are often made by mums ,girlfriends and female teachers there has never been (and never will be ) a government funded campaign asking women and girls to stop damaging our boys with such sexist comments. Nor are there any suggestions that these terrible attitudes toward boys and men are what lead to women abusing the men and boys in their lives. Can you explain why this is the case if our government truly cares about all victims of abuse?

            This is where Jasmin’s article began. Why do we only ever pour millions in funding and education to support girls? Why is it never a holistic approach? The same can be said for the approach to family violence.

            It is a disgraceful, shameful form of gender bigotry.

          • Shrek6

            Yes, and considering that women are inherently a lot more violent than men are within relationships, you would have thought an egalitarian society would want to focus on that and try to fix it. Aye!

            But we don’t live in an egalitarian society do we. Nope. We live under the burden of a “Matriarchy!”

          • THX1138

            Bloody well said Shrek!
            You nailed it.

          • THX1138

            I’ve watched many girls throw things in my life and they all tended to throw the same way – from the elbow. it’s not necessarily that they don’t have enough power or strength, it’s all about technique.
            This throwing from the elbow, and don’t you dare tell me you’ve never seen it, completely lacks power and accuracy, and the vast majority of young girls throw in exactly the same way. However they can be taught to throw the ‘correct’ way, they’re not complete victims of their biology.
            One might argue it comes from an evolutionary standpoint. Hunter/gatherer societies where men, did the hunting for game and meat for 100s of 1000s of years using throwing weapons, spears for example, and a great deal of force would have been necessary. women were rarely, if ever, the hunters. That’s not sexism – it’s biology and necessity.
            I don’t know whether it’s instinctual with boys or just that they take more notice of how to throw a ball as far as they can with the familiar leaning back action and throwing from the shoulder, not the elbow. hence the term ‘throw like a girl” is NOT sexist at all but a verifiable FACT.
            And while we’re on the subject of sports, it has been shown that girls, as a whole, are less interested in team sports than boys. Women, in particular, are more interested in personal physical fitness, than sports

            Men AND women prefer watching males play televised sports because it’s faster and more intense, does that make the female viewers sexist because they enjoy watching a higher, more intense level of competition and game-play?
            Get off your high horse c j.

    • Shrek6

      Yes, like the stereo type that it is only male against female abuse that exists, when all the statistics collected from 1,700 peer reviewed studies show that females of all ages are far more violent than men. That advertisement should have shown a boy having a door slammed in his face by a snotty little girl, “BECAUSE SHE LIKES HIM,” because this IS actually the behaviour of girls, not boys.

      This whole ad was put together with the long time discredited Duluth Model as it’s basic tenet. This bullshit which has been shown to be nothing but femtard vomit and lies, has caused shipwreck to the lives of boys and men for the past few decades.

      If you had an ounce of objectivity or maturity in your bones, you would have first seen the utterly overt sexist and stereotypical garbage that it is boys or men who are the main perps of violence when that is simply not true in any Western Nation on the planet.

      How dare you come here with your tut tut attitude saying that these ads are tying to teach boys to not be sexist arseholes. Only sexist arseholes would hold the same view you hold. People like you who think an ad like this is a good thing, sicken me. You have some deluded belief that by demeaning and abusing boys publicly on TV is going to show them how to behave?
      What an idiot you and your femtard mates must be!

      If you keep shoving lies, accusations and abuses down the throats of innocent children you are guaranteed to have some of them grow up to be violent haters of women.

      The other thing. If you are worried about boys being violent, then start teaching their mothers to stop being violent toward their sons, because this is where boys learn to be violent. And I mean the overwhelming majority of boys who become violent in any way, who also end up becoming rapists, have all been abused by their mothers when they were very young, which includes being raped.

      But oh no, let’s not talk about those dirty little secrets like the fact that women rape little children far more than men do. Oh no, that is a dirty little secret that we simply can never address or speak of in public.

      One of these days all of these lies and abuses you women and femtards perpetrate are going to come home to roost. You will be made to pay for all you have done and you will all rue the day you ever behaved the way you do toward boys and men.

      It’s coming. Just keep shooting your idiotic femtard mouth off and enjoy this opportunity to be this deluded and hateful of men and boys, while you can. Every dog has its day and yours, plus all other femtards and women in society, will have your day soon!

  • Shrek6

    The one thing I see in society that full on angers me is the garbage being spread around like all those idiots in that video. That you should never lay your hands of a female no matter how old she is or how old you are as a male.
    So if you see a woman bashing a child, you suggest we stand there and say, please don’t do that, it is not nice.
    You grab her arm to prevent her and if she has a weapon, you disable her in anyway that is necessary so you can get the child to safety.

    I am not a violent man and I do not advocate violence. But I do most certainly advocate self defense.

    If a woman is bashing a man, he has every right to defend himself. If she has a weapon, he has every right to ether try to knock her out or find a weapon with which to defend himself, IF he cannot run away to get help.

    Anyone and I mean anyone who believes any male, be they a boy or man, should simply stand there and allow an evil woman to brutally assault him OR KILL HIM and he do nothing, is not only a complete and utter idiot and scumbag, they are also in favour of female violence and agree with women harming men/boys and all children.

    You are all lovers and supporters of female violence.

    Problem is, the justice system and police depts worldwide, are full to the brim of manginas, white knights, femtards and all manner of man hating individuals. They say men have no right to self defense or to save their own lives.

    Heck, women can murder………slaughter even, any number of children and they get away with it. The media say nothing. Nada. Zip!

    That advertisement in the top of this article is yet another form of abuse against boys and men, and those dickheads who claim to be men who are saying that crap, ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are indeed NOT men at all, in my opinion.

    You bloody women out there who like to be violent and/or you support a woman’s right to be violent, you had better watch out. One day men in huge numbers will finally be fed up with femtardism and all the evils that the majority of women commit against them and you are all going to pay a very heavy price for all you have done. Mark my words, because it is coming. It is only a matter of time before men are finally fed up and start to take positive steps against women and against society.

    Oh and for all of you idiot femtard fruitloops. You will be surprised how men actually do this. It will not be like you women. Men will not resort to violence, just like you women do. It will be done in a much more decisive, deliberate, convincing and permanent manner and all women will rue the day they were ever stupid enough to give gynocentrism and femtardism oxygen.

  • Shrek6

    More women die? Ah yeah. That’s bullshit!

    Knowing as we do that no Western Nation actually looks at the suffering of men, do the studies and collect the data, we have only one recourse when presented with any and all statistics collected on women.

    We must in all good conscience reject them 100% outright as nothing but fabricated bullshit.

    Until such a time as we have the proper collection of information about men, to the same standards and quality that it is collected for women, then there is nothing that can be believed or accepted as anything other than pure speculation or ideological bullshit.

  • LR

    Feminism tries to make girls rape boys and abuse them but it can backfire because boys are bigger and stronger that they can rape back. So many women are in prison because of this movement. They don’t respect men and they don’t teach their daughters to respect men, either. They teach their daughters misandry which can get them raped. On top of that, women are also deadbeat moms because of feminism.

  • THX1138

    According to Karen Straughn in one of her videos, speaking at a university, she mentioned the fact that in the early 80s when feminists were screaming for more to be done about DV, in Californa they demanded the police be more active and arrest the perpetrators of DV. The result was that there was around a 30% rise in the number of men arrested….but something like a 450% rise in the number of women arrested.
    The feminists couldn’t have this, of course, so they got together and decided upon the Duluth Model, of which we are all no doubt aware, and that’s been working pretty well for them since.
    Unfortunately Karen didn’t supply any sources or links to the info she mentioned and I’m thus far unable to find any corroboration as yet, but it is fascinating if true.

  • THX1138

    And I think Maggie is spot on about female indifference to male pain, or that they find it hard to read.
    A few years ago I broke up with the love of my life a second time and she broke my heart. I had several close female friends at the time, at least In thought we were close. I’m a talker, I like to talk through my pain and yet none of my female friends were willing to listen. That was all i wanted , just the ability to talk it out, I wasn’t looking for solutions as such, but all they could give me was excuses, they always had to ‘be somewhere’ or were busy, etc… Of course, people have busy lives and so on but they ever said “I’m busy today but how about tommorow?” they just gave me excuses and when they finally relented and i got to talk to one she rolled her eyes and said “Ugh, are you still on about her?” and I could see she regretted her decision, even though she knew why I was there. And i got the same from all of my female friends. they were all ‘busy’ or had to ‘be somewhere’ so i got the message pretty quickly. And naturally I’m no longer friends with any of them.
    I eventually worked it all out on my own but their level of indifference absolutely floored me, these were women I’d known for upwards of 20 years, shared intimate details of our lives, been there for them when they were hurting and needed help, but they absolutely did not want to hear about my pain and when I reacted to their indifference they all decided, separately, that it would be best if they just cut me loose altogether.
    Yet these same women all gather around each other with open arms every time they had a man problem.

  • If girls want respect from boys, they have to earn it. All too many are promiscuous, won’t take ‘NO’ for an answer and often violent too, without repercussions. IMO we need teach boys about MGTOW. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac238b720a2f2228b74f7de2f2e01800f0d29923b852e7c2ddf98cdf0d66c207.jpg