Tomorrow’s Memories Of Me

Written by Luke Davis

I was reminded today of a thought I’d have never had, how did I become this me that I am today. What made me the person I am now? I know some of it is genetic, linked to the physical person that I am, but not all of it. A lot of it is rooted in memories of my past. My journey to this point in time is shaped the way I grew, the genetics but the seed and my history the water, wind and rain.

When you look at how some people grew you can see the shapes their life’s path took them. Kids who suffered trauma lack the understanding that they are not powerless in this world, they failed to experience the rain that gives them strength to grow. Some will recover eventually, finding that they too have a power of their own, finding they too can change the world, and they do go out and change it. Yet how is this power found?

Some kids are raised abused, never understanding that most people to some extent are trustworthy and kind. They lack the suns warmth giving them energy to thrive; they lack the experiences that teach them how to be part of the very forest they reside. Yet some will overcome this, finding trust in the world around, reaching out to others to show them the way. Yet how is the warmth found?

Some kids are raised neglected, never understanding that they are important, that they matter. They are starved of the very wind to help them breathe, denied this very essence of life. Yet some will overcome this, find the courage to take on the world and demand what they require. That they are indeed important and they very much matter. Yet how is this new life found?

So how do you find power, warmth and life when who you are at this point in time is defined by what has gone before? How can you change what was once written and can never be unwritten? The past is gone, no more, nothing but a memory, your memory. How do you grow strong, grow tall and thrive in a world where time is an enemy and the gates long shut?

These kids know, these kids that found peace, happiness and serenity. Each and every one reached a point, a turning point, where they fought time and made it a friend, not an enemy. You see there is only one way to make a world where you are not powerless and that is create new memories where the things you do make a difference. There is only one way to make a world where people can be trusted and that is to make new memories with people who are trustworthy. There is only one way to make a world in which you are important, in which you matter, and that is to make new memories with people who notice.

Time is your friend; it’s on your side if you wish it to be. It gives you something right now that allows you to change who you are, how you are defined. Time gives you choice, the ability to choose what your new memories will be. Choose wisely because the person you will be, the one who has not yet had these thoughts, will thank you for the memories of power, warmth and light. They will thank you for reaching this turning point, for showing them that they matter, that they are a part of the world around them and that they have the strength to change it if they wish. So make your choices, even if they’re small, because even a little light, wind and rain will be enough to help you grow.


Photo Credit: Pixabay



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