‘Reverse’ Sexism Is A Thing – Just Like Hypocrisy

Written by Jasmin

It clearly irks the feminist sensibilities that in the wake of cries of sexism over the Chris Gayle media gaff, the internet has exploded with support for Gayle and counter cries of reverse sexism, which has called out feminists on their glaring hypocritical position.

Men and women around the world are rapidly tiring of these so-called ’empowered’ women constantly claiming victim status when it is in direct conflict with their own actions. This was evidenced most here with Noula Hafner and here with Sharapova.

I made this post on my personal Facebook page which alone has received over 500 shares and still growing. In social media terms I have a relatively small following and my sentiments were certainly echoed in much larger sites.

Let’s keep the hypocrisy in check for Chris Gayle’s comments this week. The attached article shows this female reporter…

Posted by Jasmin Newman on Tuesday, 5 January 2016

In somewhat predictable behaviour feminist rag Daily Life have come out with an article saying that now is not the right time to talk about reverse sexism. Of course it’s not – we can’t have rational debate take place and showing up the hypocrisy when there is oppression and victimisation rights to be had!

However this is about far more than Chris Gayle because the feminist hypocrisy and silencing tactics is what many of us in the front line are seeing repeatedly.

As a woman who cares enough to listen empathetically to men about issues such as sexism, I have had many long standing discussions on this and other sensitive topics that most are not privy to. These are some of the things they have shard with me about sexism they have experienced.

I’m just an every day bloke and women seem to expect all of us to look like Liam Hemsworth.

Women don’t want to date you unless your posting pictures of your six pack. I’m like that, but I am a decent guy who is probably more loyal than the guy they will pick up online.

I was a football player when I was younger and I admit, my body  isn’t what it used to be. I don’t expect women to look like Elle McPherson either. I just want to settle with someone who has a good nature.

As the feminist trolls read this they will undoubtedly make comments about ‘cry babies’ ‘bathing in male tears’ and ‘butt-hurt men’ and ‘mansplaining’.  All of which add more proof to their hypocritical view of the world. Women want men to be more emotional, yet they ridicule them when they are. They don’t know how to handle the very real need for men to be able to express how they feel, in the face of societies which demonise their every innate trait.

If feminists believe they are oppressed by their gender, why then do they insist on being so damned bitchy, especially to other women? If they don’t want to be seen as disempowered victims they need to stop acting like them.


12439548_10207563703244951_5498486062265772754_nI was tagged into a post in which a meme was shared a few days ago. It was a very one sided look at human nature, which showed all the horrible things one could attribute to a male perpetrator. Naturally many of us find this both hypocritical and harming to the way men and boys are viewed.

Had myself or any man posted the exact same image in reverse about women, the internet would have had another meltdown with mass reporting and cries of ‘misogyny’.  It’s simply not acceptable for men to speak about women in the same way women speak about men.

This meme also reminded me of using skin colour (or hair colour) instead of the gender. Imagine how this would look if they wrote this as “A black man……..”.


‘Reverse’ sexism is everywhere. It exists in the workplace with men being overlooked in employment due to ‘female designated’ positions even when there are no women to fill them. It exists in television and media, with men frequently playing the dumb husband role. It exists in advertising, with male models being used as objects to appeal to the opposite sex.  It exists in schools where boys are falling behind and made to feel bad about their gender, but to respect girls.  It exists in our social policies regarding caring for all victims of family violence. It exists in our governments, where politicians are afraid to speak out against radical feminist opinion.

‘Reverse’ sexism also exists when men’s groups try to gather to meet to speak about men’s issues. This year on International Men’s Day feminist groups in various parts of the world including Australia and the UK, tried to shut down gatherings where men were planning on meeting in order to discuss issues surrounding their masculinity. Feminist groups in Canada set off fire alarms and generally disrupt gatherings on campus where the Canadian Association for Equality hold their meetings. Two years ago, the first ever International Conference on Men’s Issues was forced to go underground and almost cancel their planned event due to security fears of fire bombings and threats from radical feminists.

The hypocrisy list can go on ad nauseam. Women who watch porn are empowered, men who watch it are demons. Women who cheat were doing so out of desperation, men who cheat are doing it because they are assholes. Women who leave and take children with them are nurturing, men who do it are kidnappers. Women who cut fathers out of kids lives, and somehow the dads are deadbeats. And of course women who kill do it to ‘save’ their kids, when men do it it’s out of a sense of ownership.

Women who are invested in the belief that sexism in 2016 is due to patriarchal oppression are living in a world which judges men today on (their own view) of life many years before most of us were born. This is at best, illogical.

Due to the hypocrisy over the Chris Gayle affair, Australia also trod a very close line of racial discrimination. While most Australians won’t see it that way, it’s fair to assume that Africans around the world may see things differently, and I saw a significant amount of reference to this in comments online. Did reporter Mel McLaughlin deny Gayle’s flirtatious advance on the grounds of his skin colour?

To most of us obviously not, but just occasionally it helps us to have compassion and view experiences through the lens of others.  This includes men.




About the author


Jasmin is a specialist men’s coach who supports men in all aspects of relationships, but specifically those who are going through high conflict separation and divorce. She is also a dedicate advocate for services for men and their children who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Jasmin helps men who are struggling and feeling lost and alone, to move to a place of acceptance and confidence so they can move ahead and live a life consistent with their values and beliefs. She believes strongly in the power of overcoming past hurts through empathy and compassion.

She is a mother of two, author, presenter and coach. She lives in the idyllic coastal town of Merimbula, NSW, Australia.

*All written material on Relating To Men is subject to copyright to the author.

  • Whothehell Cares

    Your doing a wonderful job Jasmine. Keep it up.

    • Thanks 🙂 They keep giving me fuel, I’ll keep calling them out.

  • Dash Riprock

    Hi Jasmin, thanks for another excellent article. I was watching live as Gayle asked the interviewer out and a female in the room gasped and said “that’s so creepy”. It was clumsy and cringe-worthy but definitely not creepy. Unfortunately everything a man does these days is creepy, it seem most women got the memo, it’s the go-to reaction. And I was disappointed when the male commentator felt the need to defend Mel – which is sexist in itself, after all isn’t she supposed to be a strong independent woman capable of everything a man can do, including defending herself – describing it as “inappropriate”, also an atrocious go-to all-encompassing word. Gender hypocrisy is everywhere. So thanks for pointing out the Hafner and Sharapova examples. I will use them. I have seen scores of other examples but haven’t recorded them but I do have a vague recollection of Dustin Hoffman asking out Jana Wendt in a round-about way in the 1980s. Back then it was just clumsy and cringe-worthy. Creepy hadn’t entered the misandric lexicon yet. And that leads me to a question. Why don’t we refer to these episodes of female “creepiness” as chauvinistic? Men used to be called “chauvinistic pigs” all the time. Forty to fifty years ago a man acting in a brash confident manner towards women was quickly labelled chauvinist and it was a label that stuck. Why therefore aren’t these women chauvinistic pigs? It’s just a rhetorical question I raise as it’s interesting especially since feminists are masters of rhetoric. Nevertheless I am left wondering if Sharapova is nothing more than a good old fashioned chauvinistic pig. Are these women simply stuck in the nineteen fifties and do we need to run them through sensitivity training to bring these dinosaurs into the modern world?

    For me the answer is a resounding “No, Not At All.” All Gayle and Sharapova did was flirt. Big deal… Those last few sentences are pure sarcasm to make the point. But I love the idea of compulsory sensitivity training for these women. Can you imagine the outcry? Yet feminists are quick to call men into feminist re-education. I saw an ad for “The Project” where Clementine Ford, I think, (from a fleeting glance it looks a bit like her but I’m not sure, sincerest apologies if I have got it wrong) is giving sensitivity training to men in the workplace in the aftermath of Gayle’s clumsiness. Clementine Ford no less giving sensitivity training… To quote Andybob “There is no wit, no brilliance – just bitter, vengeful rage. The joy she takes in sneering at male pain is nauseating.” (http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/feminist-lies-feminism/the-misandry-choir) The hypocrisy is interstellar. Thanks for another great article.

    • Ha. And mighty fine points they are. Hmm Chauvinist – Where did that word go from our vocabulary.
      It’s going to take a very big wave to push back against this tide of hypocrisy, but they are slowly doing our work for us.

  • Gear Mentation

    Thank you

  • Shrek6

    Bloody fine article Jasmin. Hope it gets splashed across the internet and is read by many men and women.

    My opinion on this Gayle incident, is that I didn’t think he did anything wrong at all. It sounded like a shit stirring joke to me, where Gayle was having a bit of fun with the infantile journalist. The encounter almost made me believe that these two had some form of encounter in the past, some form of history and that she fancies Gayle, and he knows it. Gayle has been around the media for a long time now and I am pretty certain he would not have followed this path if he knew that the woman was a femtard infant. She has obviously been flirting with Gayle and gave him the impression that it was okay for him to speak like that between them. Gayle is no media idiot or buffoon. He is a man acting on instinct and for as long as my big green backside points to the ground, I would almost guarantee the reporter was giving as good as she got, prior to the camera being turned on.
    Anyway, that’s all irrelevant now, because the bigger picture is what we are discussing.

    I agree with all that you say in the article above, but I have to ask you a question, which I think you may agree with. Putting aside the issues of men in the general population having their heads in the sand and being fulling gynocentrically brainwashed, when you are referring to women in the article, I’m wondering if you are referring to virtually all women in society, or just feminists?

    The truth is, only a tiny number of women out there in society, would disagree with with the feminists. The overwhelming majority would be either prepared to go demonstrate because they believe that much, all the way down to agreeing, but don’t really care.

    The small number of women who disagree, will probably be the ones on the internet complaining about the reverse sexism.

    Every single female born into the West, has been either ‘infected with or affected by,’ feminism. Those who have been ‘affected by’ are usually the ones who hate feminism and are actively out there fighting it. You Jasmin are one such woman.
    Unfortunately for all of us, your group are just a tiny number when compared to those, who to varying degrees believe in and agree with feminist dogma.

    The same applies to men. But for men it’s like being stabbed with a double edged sword that has jagged teeth both sides.

    We have not only been brainwashed with gynocentrism, we have had to endure the bastardisation of this construct by feminism. So men who choose one or the other will remain enslaven to women. The only path for men who find the whole thing offensive and actually have the backbone to get out and fight it, is they follow a single path that eventually divides into two. This pathway goes into the MHRM and/or MGTOW.

    Whenever you talk to any female out there in society, it is rare to come across one that disagrees with the media and feminists. And it is even more rare to find one who would honestly and sincerely respect a man as equal to her.

    Society is not just sick, it is hellbent on annihilation, which is on its way and only just around the corner!

    • Hey Shrek, good to see you here. (I’m still trying to workout disqus on my own site).
      I’m referring to any woman who believes in her entitlement being over and above any one else’s. I guess it’s gynocentrism in it’s finest but also egocentric because I see it against men, other women, and even kids.

      Most women don’t even think about feminism, but they have inherently become astonishingly egocentric because of it.

      • Shrek6

        Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here!

        Hmm, that’s a new term I will have to digest for a bit.

        Putting aside gynocentrism for a minute. When I have spoken to women of all ages, and I am referring to women here, not girls, even if they all behave like little girls. I haven’t yet found one, in my circles that is or with other women I have had contact with online, who does not on some level agree with or believe in feminist dogma. They may disagree with the real radical stuff, but the fully believe in all the lies about men being inherently prone to violence, sexual deviancy and abuse, and will admit to being concerned about being raped by any male they don’t know.

        None of the above is gynocentric. It is femtard vomit that has been used against men. What I find to be perplexing and it would be comical if it were not serious, is how on earth do women who claim to be intelligent and educated, actually allow themselves to believe such utter garbage that is so far from reality it’s like trying to convince the general public that there is a colony of humans living on the Sun?

        Yet, as astounding as it is, to varying degrees, the overwhelming majority of women out there believe this stuff.

        To change all of this evil that has been put on men over the past 1,000 years from gynocentrism to the evil of feminism, it will take more than 100 years of hard slog. It will not happen in a couple of generations that is for sure.

        Can you please do me a favour and expand on your definition of Egocentricity and how that fits into this?

        Keep up the great work Jasmin. Bloody nice place you got here!

        • By egocentric I mean that it’s the ‘all about me’ mentality. They believe whatever happened to them is ‘worse’ than anyone else, or that everyone else’s experience must be the same because that’s the only way it can be. I believe this is partly why or how they catastrophize the most innocuous of disagreements into “domestic violence” Obviously most of my work is with men, but I also have a lot of women I support who come under attack, myself included. I’ve been musing over how feminists will deny any of my personal experiences (even the most graphic ones) because they fear they will detract from their own story. They do this to men, women and even at the dismissal of children.

          • Shrek6

            Ah yeah, now I get how you have connected that. Interesting and yes, I think I have to agree with you there, when speaking of many within the feminist fold.

            However, to some degree that implies that they are suffering a mental illness of some sort, or a symptom leading up to a mental illness. And we all know that ‘mental illness’ is how modern day society forgives women of every single thing they do and excuses them from any form of responsibility or punitive measures.

            I don’t accept the mental illness angle for the majority. Yes of course I do when looking at someone who clearly is sick in the head. They would be classics for your egocentric!

            But for the majority, I’m of the belief this is a cool minded, premeditated action based on greed, hatred and because women have so much power over men today, they display a drunken desire to heap all the pain and suffering on their intended victim, without any mercy or remorse. These people are just evil. They are not mentally ill!

            That is my belief. Pshology is anti-God and teaches that all bad actions are a mental illness of some sort. To me that is not only idiotic, stupid, dumb and utter lunacy, it is also the root cause of all our problems with criminal behaviour today, ESPECIALLY with women.

            Just so you know. That is if you haven’t already read it in other comments of mine.

            I am an orthodox ‘true Catholic’ and I am one man who believes the majority of the psychology industry is filled with cunning, mentally ill misfits. I believe that what is taught in universities is junk science, because it has a very heavy feminist dogma bent, thus brainwashing those of weak constitutions into doing the bidding of these man hating overlords.

            To the contrary and possibly making me look a little hypocritical. I value those psychologists who choose to work down in the dirt and mud of human suffering, who do further study, learn all the good and bad things about humanity the hard way, then come out the other end with the ability to partake in any discourse with a mature mindset and can see merit in their oppositions point of view, even if they disagree with them.

            Of course I am describing a normal human mind in the latter part of that paragraph, which I had to do, because most of the other psychs are off with the fairies, believing all sorts of crap.

            People such as yourself, Paul Elam, Dr. T, and here in Australia, Dr. Elizabeth Celi, have proven you have all earned your stripes. You have done this, because you’ve been there.

            So this is why I am so vehemently forthright in blaming the individual, who being sane, has deliberately set about harming an innocent human being.

            Egocentricity may very well play a part with all of them. True!
            I just hope that this will not be seen as some symptom of a mental illness, because the majority of these people, women mostly, are not mentally ill.

  • Toddocolypse

    Joys of modern media.

    Until recently I didn’t know there was such a thing as International men’s day. I know about International Talk Like a Pirate Day, horses birthday and other fine institutions of little note. But had never heard about this one, except for the universal gripe of: (all together now) “Everday is international (insert favourite expletive) mens day”.

    Inequality is an interesting one. I left university shortly before I would’ve graduated with a education degree because of all the ingrained gender politics in education. Well that and I got tired 9f the joking and not so joking assertions that I wanted to teach because I must either be homosexual or a burgeoning molester of children… These insults came equally from men and women…

  • Igor Rogov

    Some feminists with socio-constuctivist background would instantly point out that sexism is not really a sexism unless it is institutionalized. I.e. there is a social institution allowing power of sexist view to be imposed on the population. Reverse sexism does not exist because there no such an institution in view.

    Now, there are plenty of institutions promulgating the reverse sexism in plain view nowadays.
    Start from family courts together with Duluth model of forced reeducation of men – and only men. Upon the slightest complaint from female partner (and upon complaint from male partner, as I have personally experiences) men are removed by the power of police from home, taken to court and given a choice- either to go to Behaviour Change Program OR to fight through the courts, spending thousands of dollars just to have their voice heard. If you don’t have the money, you will remain silent and have to listen to your feminist masters – starting from the social worker, attached to the court and to the BCP head office. If you don’t comply, the repercussions will be gradually more severe, amounting up to a prison sentence. And all this for a crime of being a male, not for any real criminal action.

    What is it, if not the institutionalized sexism? Reverse or not, it is both unfair, and unconstitutional, denying every male his personal liberties and justice – on a whim of a female.