Relating To Men ~ Better

This is a one day facilitated training workshop dedicated to helping you understand how to relate to men in a way which sees them thrive and grow as individuals, without the stereotypes and barriers which men report are holding them back.

We will cover the issues which are impacting men and boys negatively and give practical guides for helping men live a better quality, more confident life.

The key objectives of this training is to begin the sometimes difficult conversations so we can begin to cross the bridge back to equality and a place where we accept the unique attributes of men as being of vital importance to our social and familial success.

We will cover

  • Situational Distress (Suicide prevention and awareness)
  • Rising up from Relationship Breakdown
    • Parenting Disputes
  • Breaking down stereotypes
    • Victimisation and violence
    • Masculinity
    • Sexuality & Identity
  • Practical therapeutic models for working with men

This workshop will be most beneficial for

  • Therapists and those in the mental health field
  • Teachers and educators
  • Women wanting a deeper understanding of the men they love
  • Anyone with an interest in the wellbeing of men and boys

**Upcoming Dates** (links coming soon)

Sydney – 20th September, 2017

Melbourne – 18th October, 2017

Brisbane – 15th November, 2017