Nova100 radio & Chrissie Swan celebrates the severing of a man’s penis

Written by Mark Dent

There is nothing which illustrates the deeply entrenched contempt for men in our society more starkly than breakfast radio in Melbourne.

I have already written about Eddie McGuire and his breakfast crew at Melbourne’s Triple M radio station. A few months ago, McGuire and his mates joked and laughed about a young man who had been stabbed in the testicles by an angry girlfriend. This of course, didn’t even cause a ripple of protest if you discount my little effort. Yet McGuire’s joke about a female journalist a few weeks later created a media firestorm of outraged condemnation and accusations of women hating and encouragement of violence against women.

Well, Nova 100 seemed to have gone a step further in actually openly celebrating (Chrissie Swan’s words) the anniversary of the day John Bobbitt’s angry wife hacked off his penis while he was asleep.

It seems quite ironic that the celebration of this most vicious, violent assault  by a woman upon her sleeping husband took place on White Ribbon Day in Australia. A day when we are reminded about violence against women with no reference whatsoever to male victims.

Swan, in between gales of laughter, loudly proclaimed:

We celebrate the severing of John Bobbitt’s penis!”

For listeners who couldn’t share in the hilarity of this reference because they were too young to remember the incident, Chrissie Swan informed them that:

Twenty three years ago, Loreena Bobbitt chopped off her husband’s doodle, Let’s celebrate!’

Then the macho moron, Jonathon Brown chimed in with the predictable:

Still brings a tear to me eye!”

followed by more sniggering. Swan goes on:

Oh. Men all over the world crossed their legs on this day twenty three years ago. Women sharpened their scissors.”

More laughter ensues. What could be more hilarious than a man having his genitals hacked off?

‘They found the doodle in a field,”

she adds and then breaks into a rendition of Sting’s “Fields of Barley”

Swan asks Brown whether he thought having his penis cut off or having it sewn back on would be more painful. Brown again makes predictable jokes about penis shrinkage if the penis had been left lying in the field on a cold night and this brings forth this observation from Swan:

How embarrassing, it shrivels up into a little mushroom!”

This woman clearly has an obsession with penises. I recall vividly when she first appeared on our television screens as a contestant on Big Brother. One night the contestants were chatting about their sex lives and Swan related a story about a man she dated. She said when he removed his pants one night and she saw his tiny dick she was completely put off the idea of being with him. This, may I remind you, came from the mouth of a woman who only days later had an emotional breakdown when she overheard camera men behind the walls of the Big Brother House commenting on her obesity.

She mocks and dehumanizes a man for something over which he has no control and dissolves into a blubbering mess when someone comments on her fat body-something for which she is entirely responsible. Again, Swan never received any criticism for her mockery of a man based on the appeal of his genitals yet the whole world turned on the monstrous camera man who made an observation about her weight.

As I have said before, had any male morning radio breakfast show host made a joke about the mutilation of a woman by her male partner and proclaimed it worthy of a celebration he would never work on the radio again. As far as I know, my phone call and complaint to the station was the only criticism Swan has received over her disgusting comments.

What stirred my blood even more was the fact that this woman mentioned that it was her beautiful son’s birthday and gushed about her love for him.

Do you see how the dehumanizing of males works in our society? She adores her little boy and would be broken hearted if any crazed woman decided to hack his penis from his body. Yet she can happily joke about and celebrate the mutilation of a man she doesn’t know. She sees no connection between her absolutely callous disregard for the suffering of a man she doesn’t know, simply because he is a man, and the world this attitude creates for her beloved son.

It is so easy to treat “men’ with this open contempt and even gloat over their suffering because most men will happily support the denigration as can be seen by Jonathon Brown’s comments. Men are truly reduced to non human status in so many ways when it comes to their suffering. The big, tough ex footballer was too much of a moral coward to call Swan out on her vindictive behavior but you can be sure he would have taken a brave stand has he been on the Footy Show and some bloke had made a remotely disparaging comment about a woman. Like many other puppets, I have no doubt Brown has worn his White Ribbon with pride, Hell, he may have been wearing it while he laughed about the violent abuse of a man by his wife.

Genital mutilation of men seems to bring out a frightening savagery in some women. Who can forget, Sharon Osborne and her crew on The Talk, gleefully salivating over the young man who had his penis hacked off and destroyed by his wife after asking for a divorce. She called it, “fabulous” as her all female audience cackled and cheered. Consequences? Zero.

And yet we have the likes of Rosie Batty or our pompous Premier, Dan Andrews, lecturing us on the way we normalize violence against women in our society.

This is simply a filthy lie. Nothing could be further from the truth-nothing. The only violence which is normalized and treated as a subject of hilarity is the brutal violence inflicted on men.

If you don’t believe me, just tune into a breakfast show on Melbourne radio. Nova100 begins at 67. 57 minute mark

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Image source – Daily Mail UK



About the author

Mark Dent

  • Whothehell Cares

    Misandry is normalized. How do you combat normality?

  • crydiego

    Chrissie Swan is an example of what feminism and feminists have become. I don’t really care about her weight or her happiness, — she is a feminist and a hater.

  • Carey Allison

    That sort of foul attack would be most unfortunate if it were me, as it would result my suffering profound depression, having severe PTSD, and facing to serve a long prison sentence unless I had one or more friendly believers in jury nullification judging me in my homicide trial.

  • bloke

    The calibre of degenerates we grant high profile positions of power,who use it to normalise misandry and feminist hostility toward men into mainstream public opinion, is a disgrace.
    Who and what are these women.
    Reality TV contestants? How low can you get.
    Feminist controlled media gives a voice to these scumbags to celebrate horrific male genital mutilation,but also helps facilitate the dismissal of male nobel peace laureate scientists with great minds to help society’s suffering.
    Mindless sheeple passively consume this toxic mainstream glamour, often women . Men follow mutely like zombified eunuchs socially conditioned to seek women’s approval.

  • Chris

    Who owns the radio station and pays the salaries of these ‘journalists’, follow the money.