Just Another Woman With A Knife

Written by Jasmin

The Fraser Coast Chronicle reported today that a mother of 4 Cheryl Lund, threatened her neighbours at knife point. She was given a $400 fine and no conviction recorded.

You can read the full story here and I’m sure like me you will be astounded at the favouritism shown to this woman purely because of her gender. She took a knife with the intent to threaten or cause harm and yet no conviction has been recorded.

Our judicial system is blind.

When women attack or become violent their weapon of choice is frequently a knife and yet this Magistrate has allowed this woman to go without conviction. The Fraser Coast Chronicle reported:

Defence lawyer Daniel Ould said Lund suffered from a mental health condition and her medication had reacted badly with alcohol.

“She is regretful and remorseful for her actions,” he said.

Mental health is an excuse reserved only for women, especially if they say sorry.

This year 4 men have died in the first 3 weeks of January. At least 2 of them were stabbed to death, one through the heart.

And there have already been other knife attacks this year by women.

Woman Charged With Knife Attack On Man & Policeman

47 year old woman wounds 23 year old man with stab wound to chest

Last night a woman assaulted 3 ambulance officers the story is here

Last year Destroy The Narrative (a page dedicated to raising awareness that domestic and family violence is not gendered) recorded multiple news reports of violent acts by women. The majority of them were domestic related and involved women stabbing. The full list is here

Why then does Magistrate Tatnell feel sympathy for this woman? The only answer is female privilege and entitlement and of course because women are incredibly good at playing innocent and showing remorse when it’s going to get them off a charge. Any woman who denies this is a hypocrite.

And we all know had this event involved a man it would be all over the news as another example of male’s apparent propensity to violence. As it turns out there is nothing to see here, it’s just another woman with a knife.

Australia needs a reality check.




Photo credit: Fraser Coast Chronicle





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