We all have men we care about. Father’s, sons, brothers, uncles ~ no man alive today is immune from finding themselves feeling unheard and unseen in a world where everything is viewed through the feminine prism. Men deserve to be respected without having to justify their masculinity. And they deserve to be able to speak up about the issues they face, without being shouted down as irrelevant.              ~Jasmin Newman

Relating To Men supports men who are struggling to come to terms with the life issues they are confronted with. Often these are  those who have been victims of domestic violence & abuse; fathers in family court or dealing with high conflict separations; parental alienation or those navigating shared parenting arrangements.

We are dedicated to helping men be heard in a non judgmental framework so they can speak confidently about the issues they face; be that family matters, relationships or health and wellbeing.

We respect each man’s right to define his own masculinity (or not!) and to move away from gendered stereotypes due to ideological subscriptions placed on them by society.

At this point in time there are NO government funded services to help men in this capacity. 2015 was a very big year in raising awareness and shifting the narrative that men’s issues need to be talked about.

We rely solely on support and donations to keep this work ongoing. No gift is ever too small.

Postfeminist Men: 

Postfeminist men are those who have been raised in the prevalence of feminism. They accept gender equality as a given. They don’t want to marry a maid and accept their share of responsibility in caring for the family and home. However, they also want to have equal rights and consideration for men.

The majority of these men would consider themselves non-feminists as a byproduct of having been harmed in some way by feminist ideology. That may be social, in the workplace, or through legal or political institutions.

Postfeminist men are loving, kind, respectful men. They love and respect women, but they may have experienced the darker side of some women’s behavior, such as victims of domestic violence, or difficult child custody disputes.


Jasmin Newman is the creator of Relating To Men. She is a trained coach, accomplished speaker and blogger and a woman who wants to see a fairer more equitable world.  She is a dedicated advocate for the rights of men and father’s and is deeply concerned for the plight of boys and young men as they are being shamed around their masculinity in almost every aspect of their lives.  She uses her voice through videos and blogs and shares content around the globe supporting the greater cause.

Jasmin is an outspoken and independent woman, who is also a non feminist.  She believes firmly in the rights of both men and women to be equal in the workplace and home, however she also believes in equal responsibility and therefore holds an egalitarian view of gender relations.

She is a mother of two who coparents amicably and flexibly, raising confident, healthy and happy children after divorce.

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