Domestic Violence Will Flourish ~ Because Of Feminist Journalists

Written by Jasmin

Mothers Are Killers. In the vast majority of child homicides, mothers are the killers and children are the victims. 

This is a true statement, and based on journalism standards of The Age I don’t need a citation. However you may view table 6 on the custom data set obtained from the Australian Institute of Criminology here.

Let’s break down the recent poorly written hate speech article by Jenna Price which I am amazed and appalled to see published on The Age. 

Price, who heads Destroy The Joint – well known for peddling misleading information to the public, is a frequent demoniser of men.  Price made the claim in her intentional clickbait opening line that “Men Are Killers.” This of course completely ignores the fact that women are also killers.

According to social media commentary on her Facebook page she has angered a lot of people. And not surprisingly. Australia is waking up and getting very tired of the constant man bashing to push the radical feminist agenda of demonising men.

Price went on to give opinion on some research from Monash University. Since she failed to give any citation or link it’s almost impossible to rebut.

Price claims

What’s even more terrifying is that in the tiny number of cases where men are homicide victims at the hands of women, around half of those same men subjected their killers to years – years – of violent, physical abuse.”

(Tiny? did you get that. Men who are killed are insignificant to Price.)

However, let me take an educated guess on past history of how feminist journalists make their claims:

The research was done on women who were charged with murder after they killed their partners who are all trying to get the minimum sentence. Dead men can’t talk, so of course these women are going to say they were abused.  I’m also sure there was no comparative study done on men who killed their partners, and if there was, would Ms Price excuse them for murder due to the years of abuse they endured?

But let me go one step further:

If a ‘tiny’ number of women kill men and ‘around half’ (which usually means 40%) of those were victims of abuse, then what she is saying is that a miniscule amount of women were victims of domestic violence when they killed their partners.

Pfft. They call this journalism.

The VAW campaign has been telling us for years that violence is never the answer, and yet here is Jenna Price contributing to the belief that rather than walking away or getting help, it is acceptable for a woman to murder. Ergo – violence IS the answer.

She then goes on with this astonishing claim

So, this is the evidence. The next time some person tells you that men are the victims of family violence too, remind them men are killers.

There it is ^.  It’s now fact because Jenna Price said so, and that’s all she needs to be able to claim ‘evidence’.  What is The Age thinking in allowing this appalling and bigoted journalism?

Let me tell you a little about some of the 37 people women killed last year. I’m sure that each and every one of them would not want so called journalists like Price saying they deserved to die because ‘men are killers’. 

Around 1/3 of the men killed by women died in indigenous communities where it is well known and accepted that domestic violence is often reciprocal. So much so that they have just run a women’s behaviour change program in the region. 

There was a 26 years old man who was killed by his half brother and girlfriend when they poured bleach down his throat. When the pain of that  didn’t kill him they stabbed him to death. Before he died he was building a scooter for a 2year old’s birthday party. He was described by his friends as loving and kind. A good bloke. 

Then there is a man who died at the hands of a violent female partner who had breached her DVO.  She stabbed him to death after a night of heavy drinking. She had two other warrants for her arrest at the time. 

Another man died at the hands of his ex girlfriend. At 22 years of age, she repeatedly stabbed her victim in the stomach.   He was a young man and loving father who had moved on to a new girlfriend. I would like Jenna Price, to tell this man’s son that his father deserved to to die because ‘men are killers’. 

When 41 year old Huong Duong allegedly killed Ngoc Chau Tran she was on several medications including methadone. Does Ms Price then assert that it was Huong Duongs fault that Ms Tran was a drug addict? Does she truly believe that drug addicts are not capable of un provoked violence and aggression? I would like Ms Price to explain all this to Mr Duongs family when she tells them ‘men are killers’. 

Then there was the 51-year-old man in Capalabla, QLD who detectives described as having met a “horrible, violent death”. A 32-year-old woman was charged with his murder. She was also charged with interfering with a corpse after she dumped his body in a ditch. This makes her a cold blooded killer, not a victim. 

Despite not being any reports of him having been abusive or violent, let’s imagine for a moment that this woman was a victim of domestic violence as Ms Price claims the ‘vast majority’ are. 

At what age is a woman able to take care of herself and leave an abusive relationship? At what point in a woman’s life can she take responsibility for herself to at least walk into a shelter, or one of the hundreds of women’s resource centres in Queensland? I know, they call this victim blaming. But somehow when she becomes the murderer ‘he deserved it’. 

I wonder what Ms Price would say about the 9 children who were killed by women last year? Men killed 4 children, so this makes female murderers “the vast majority”. 

On Prices’ theory, how many of those children deserved to die because their mother couldn’t handle her anger or reach out for help? Was she a fit mother? Did her husband make her do it? 

Did the 8 children who were butchered in Cairns deserve to die at the hands of their mother because ‘men are killers’? 

Did the little 4 year old boy and his elderly grandmother deserve to die at the hands of a woman because ‘men are killers?’

I was sent this quote today from The Socratic Method For Thinking which applies perfectly to the way feminist journalists like Price must come under scrutiny.

The correctness of a statement cannot be determined by whether it is held by a majority or has been believed for a long time by important people.

A correct statement is one incapable of being rationally contradicted. A statement is true if it cannot be disproved. If it can, however many people believe it, however grand they may be, it must be false and we are right to doubt it.

Price’s unsubstantiated commentary provides endorsement and indeed encouragement for women to kill men and get a free pass after they claim victim status. 

Feminist journalists need to be reined in and forced to adhere to the minimum standards of non biased, evidence based reporting.  If they have background agendas they should be kept in the background, not using mainstream media to peddle their bullshit claims and mislead the public..


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Jasmin is a specialist men’s coach who supports men in all aspects of relationships, but specifically those who are going through high conflict separation and divorce. She is also a dedicate advocate for services for men and their children who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Jasmin helps men who are struggling and feeling lost and alone, to move to a place of acceptance and confidence so they can move ahead and live a life consistent with their values and beliefs. She believes strongly in the power of overcoming past hurts through empathy and compassion.

She is a mother of two, author, presenter and coach. She lives in the idyllic coastal town of Merimbula, NSW, Australia.

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  • Charlie Hurd

    Thanks for the rebuttal!

  • THX1138

    “What’s even more terrifying is that in the tiny number of cases where
    men are homicide victims at the hands of women, around half of those
    same men subjected their killers to years – years – of violent, physical
    What she is referring to here is “Battered Woman Syndrome” – BWS, something which no credible psychologist believes in, and has been repeatedly discredited as the bunk that it is, yet is is still successfully used as a defence.
    It serves two purposes. One, it gives women a get-out-of-jail-free card, because it ignores decades of established research on trauma and criminology to state that women can be traumatised to the point of incapacity, yet they remain focused and calculating enough to plan complex murders and subsequent plans to get away with it.
    Secondly it erases any ‘defence’ the dead husband might have had, in favour of the “battered woman’s” story.
    Dead men can’t defend themselves, as the saying goes. Thus, these women can cold-bloodedly murder their husband or partner and then claim years of abuse and BWS is a neat way of getting them off. Tell people he was a violent brute, even if there’s scant evidence for it, and people usually sit back with an air of relief that the guy had it coming, even though his side of the story is rarely, if ever, told.
    Consider the Story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who researched and then made a form of home-made napalm and burned her husband to death in 1989. She was initially jailed for life, but won the right to be re-heard on appeal citing problems with her legal counsel and pleaded Diminished Capacity, which was rightly rejected the first time because it naturally doesn’t account for long periods of detailed planning. She was released and then, amazingly she was actually given a Medal! A medal for burning her husband to death with home-made napalm, which took research, planning, gathering of the necessary ingredients and mixing them together, possibly in a trial-and-error process, and poured it on him while he slept.
    That isn’t not evidence of diminished capacity. It is cold-blooded murder, and sadistic too. She could have just shot him in the head, but no, let’s pour napalm all over him, which can’t really be extinguished, and any attempt he made to put the flames out would have likely made it worse, and he died in excruciating agony. And she was given a medal for her ‘heroism and bravery” I can’t seem to find any evidence that her claims of 10 years of hellish abuse” were ever verified or substantiated, but as I said; Dead men can’t defend themselves.

    • This was nearly titled Dead Men Can’t Talk. I will write that story one day!

      • Stu

        Wouldn’t matter if they could talk. Nobody cares

    • gwallan

      I recall reading ambulance officers’ descriptions. Apparently his internal organs were melting through his skeleton while he was still alive. It was the worst thing they’d ever seen.

  • mark mooroolbark

    Outstanding, Jas. Bless your compassionate heart, courage and hunger for a just world. Thank you.

  • Mark Andersen

    jas…. my reading of table 6 says that men are responsible for 16 or 17 deaths of children whereas women are responsible for 10…. it takes a little adding up… Am I correct?

    • I was referring to the biological mothers v. fathers. Step fathers are sometimes charged with murder and rarely but sometimes, step mothers. Keeping the biological father in the picture makes more sense than not. Look at the case last year with the little girl was murdered by the mothers boyfriend. The father had been pleading with DHS that the child was unsafe. He was ignored and dismissed as being over protective.

      • gwallan

        DHS should be a sitting duck for a class action.

  • Shrek6

    What a great piece of work Jas. Thank you so much for taking on this hateful harridan!
    These lies that are constantly peddled in the media by these sycophants, sicken me to the pit of my being.

    Just like that new TV ad. The very first negative comment about the boy being violent because he likes the girl, is actually depicting a female/girl behaviour, not a male one. Girls are the ones who use violence when they like a boy. Always been that way. Boys cannot get away with anything today, so that ad is so damn insulting from the second it starts.

    The ad is exactly the same as all the other foul media and govt backed campaigns, where they are based on the true violence of women but say it is men who do it or it is just fanciful feminist propaganda that the govt has been forced or sucked into believing and using.

    As for those statistics, I would never believe any that involve men as perps, until it has been proven to me that they are collecting those stats in the exact same manner, under the exact same circumstances and criteria that they collect them for women. If they are not, which we all know they aren’t, then they are suspect and cannot be believed.

    Just as the suicide rate for men is discounted, because they put the deaths down to many different things instead of suicide, the rate of men being murdered is also suspect. There will be many murders out there that have been either at the hands of women in relationships or the woman secured the murder by using a hit-man. Very few of these are put down to DV and intimate partner murder.

    The women who murder their husbands and then cry years of DV, should be put in prison till the day they die. I will never believe any one of them. How dare they do that. We have a female doctor in our state walking free, because she murdered her male doctor husband, then with no prior evidence, claimed she was abused for years. BULLSHIT!

    She was a highly educated individual and as you say, why the hell didn’t she go get help.

    In my state a woman slaughtered her young daughters. Carved them up like they were butchered, then turned the knife on herself. For weeks the media were running stories about how she lost a case in the family court where she was after half of her ex husbands family business, which he had with his parents. She lost, so she brutalised the youngest girls. Thankfully the eldest girl was living with the fathers parents at the time and she lived.
    So the media were intimating the ex husband, who by the way was almost 2,000 Ks away on his long distance haulage job. When it happened, the cops took him in apparently for around 7 hours of questioning. Only because it’s always the husband who kills the woman. You know, more feminist lies that have been adopted by law enforcement, without any truthful stats to back it up.

    Lloyd Rayney is another victim of the media and rotten/corrupt police. The police had nothing, so they planted evidence. The coroner even found this and blamed the police, yet none of them are in prison for perverting the course of justice. Why not???

    It has been found, only marginally though, that the safest place for any child to live, is in the home of their natural father. Better in an intact family, but if not intact, where the father lives. However, I recon that if they collected stats honestly and sincerely in exactly the same manner and under the same conditions for both sexes for all crimes, they would find overwhelming evidence to support the view that children should always be with their natural father if the father has not abused them with evidence to prove it and you would also find something like the following:

    Violent crimes committed in the public arena, like armed robbery, gang attacks and murders, car jacking, any overly violent and dangerous crimes, would be perpetrated mostly by men.

    Crimes committed in any form of relationships involving women at any level, be they family or any other type of relationship, will be perpetrated mostly by women. This also includes physical violence, sexual violence like raping of children and murder of both children and men or other partners.

    Women are more likely to use violence much earlier against another human being, then men will. Just because initially they do little to no damage, does not excuse this violence. The fact is, if they are prepared to hit so early on, you would have to expect that eventually they will use a weapon and seriously injure or kill the man.

    I would like to know how many men who turn up to hospital with injuries that occurred in their backyard workshop or while doing some DIY work, that are actually injuries caused by their wives/partners?

    • Thanks, Shrek. Very well said.
      It’s unfathomable what they have done and who they have become.
      Funny you should mention the DIY. A man recently told me how he went to hospital to have his thumb stitched back on after a knife attack from his partner. He never said how it happened and was never asked because it was intimated from the outset that he must have been reckless with the tools in the shed. He said it was framed in a way that he knew they knew, but they clearly weren’t going to discuss it.

      • Shrek6

        Oh absolutely!

        When you work in emergency and get to see how injuries look and you ask just a few questions, you can easily work out whether or not it was accidentally done, deliberately done by the person to themselves or done by someone else.

        And yes, none of them ever want to accuse the mans woman as being the one who did it, because that is part of the big dirty lie that is being kept in society, along with the dirty secret on how many children are actually raped by their mothers.

      • Shrek6

        I forgot to add that there are a huge amount of lies being told about the alleged DV that exists within the Aboriginal community.

        I can’t link to this, but do you remember when Little Johnny Arthur (John Howard the Coward) sent in the dogs to sort out the DV and child sex abuse perpetrated by men in the northern parts of Qld, WA and NT?

        Well, apparently they only came across 2 cases where men were responsible for child sex abuse, but they removed apparently large numbers of children from their families, just like we saw happen in the last century. Yet another stolen generation, because the govt believed the femtards that all these black men were bashing women and raping children.

        From what I have been told by people who live in the north, the women are terribly violent when they are drunk. They are often the instigators of the violence, but once it starts, the men hit back and the women also get hurt. They never report on the numbers of Aboriginal men who end up in hospital due to being bashed with bottles or lumps of wood or star pickets at the hands of their women. They only ever report on the women who are hurt.

        • THX1138

          The original “Stolen Generation” were removed from their families because their parents, mostly mothers, were abusing them or simply neglecting them.

          We may never know if that’s actually true but given what we see and hear of today, I’m inclined to accept it could well be.

  • Daniel Peirson


  • THX1138

    it has been pointed out that when it comes to domestic Violence stats on a year to year basis, they’ve found that the majority are the same women making the reports every year. Whether they’re lying or not is irrelevant because the usual implication is that each year’s figures are listing xx number of *new* cases every year. They’re not. The same women keep making the reports, either stuck in their situation, unable or unwilling to change it, or it is the same liars using the law as a weapon against their partner, or mothers lying in court about DV….which is where a huge portion of DV/abuse allegations originate, which of course are promptly added to the ‘total’

  • Riggah

    Thank you, THANK YOU for exposing Jenna Price for the bigot she is.
    “Feminist journalists”? There can be no such thing because their prejudiced, emotional rantings based in lies, distortions, myths and misinformation have nothing to do with journalism.