The dangers of brainwashing our children

Written by Jasmin

This week an image was shared with me that had been posted elsewhere on Facebook. It was a slide presentation given to boys in an Australian school as part of the new government initiative of “respectful relationships”.

While we all agree that respectful relationships are imperative, the manner in which this is being delivered is unscrupulous and is nothing more than brainwashing of our children, both boys and girls.

My Facebook feed erupted when I shared this image posted earlier that day. Not only does this text in this portray an outright lie, it’s sending a damaging message to  boys about themselves and the men in their lives.

Typical of feminist methodology, this claim is an expanded fabrication at very best. It reeks of Hillary Clinton’s claim that “women are the primary victims of war” – of course not the damaged and dead men, just women.

If this image were true, would men not have killed off women by now? Men are historically the providers and protectors of women and girls. Globally in war torn countries it is a tragedy that women are victimised through rape and murder – but so are boys who are conscripted into a world of violence from a young age. Many of them killed, sexually abused, made to be murderers and maimers of other human beings. Based on that, I would assert that war is the biggest threat to mankind. And that making one sided claims like this can only be with the intention of demonising boys based on their gender.

It would be effortless to deliver this program in a gender neutral framework with respect for both males and females however the entire program is based on indoctrinating children with an ideology which is damaging to children all round. All feminists and non-feminists that I know agree in equality for men and women, however feminism is no longer about equality; it is about trashing and demonising men and boys and creating a sense of perpetual victim culture in women and girls.

Religious education in schools is elective and indoctrination of ideologies shunned. So why is feminist ideological indoctrination being accepted? These kind of totalitarian statements are not what we should expect in Australia. It’s reminiscent of Hitler saying the biggest threat to civilisation, is Jews. This extract is from Thought, Reform and the Psychology of Totalism : A Study of “Brainwashing” in China



Are Australian schools really going to go down this path?

The messages delivered in Frame Initiatives website is quite clearly

Boy: penis + privilege = perpetrator

Girl: inherently weak victim

I will get to the full discussion shortly, but parents of teenage daughters should be equally concerned about this. Young women today are empowered with all the tools they need to live successful happy lives. On average they outperform boys in school. They are paid equally in the workforce. They have every university program available to them and special help to get there in many circumstances. Surely if they were oppressed or valued less than boys these things would not be happening.

While programs like the one delivered to girls are empowering on one level, it is also in actuality victimising them. It is nothing short of bizarre that feminism is intentionally making girls believe they are inherently weak and not in control of their lives.

Eric Gavidia is a Stamford graduate of Political Science and Communication. When I spoke to him about this issue he said about social science

[there is a] deep and untold damage that messaging a young person that s/he is a victim at a young age does. Young people who are indoctrinated to believe that they are victims are more likely to lead a life full of drugs, abuse, poverty, mal-education, mental illness and suicide. The damage we do by messaging young women with that identity creates in them a dichotomy: “I am a victim, and I must preemptively vanquish the enemy before he can hurt me. And, I will go to any lengths to do so as it is a matter of my survival.”

This is no way dismisses the experience of people who have been victims, however to indoctrinate children into perpetrator / victim mentality divided by gender is outrageous and should be out of our education system.

While sexual assaults do occur to more girls than boys, we have to acknowledge with that

  1. we study girls and not boys in terms of victimisation
  2. we traditionally don’t care about issues relating to men and boys because they have ‘privilege’ of being born male.
  3. sexual abuse of boys goes largely un reported.

Traditionally, and still now boys have been told they can’t be victims of sexual abuse.  For those that care to sign, there is a petition here 


None of us want our children to be subjected to sexual or any other form of harassment, but demonising boys in this process of elevating girls is not helping anyone.

The Frame Initiatives separates boys and girls on their website, but when you look at them for comparison sake you can see the aim is clear. For clarity I have marked the girls in purple and the boys in blue and I have made commentary notes at the bottom of each. 

YOUNG WOMEN  – This series equips Young Women with knowledge of safe and respectful relationships and strategies to stay safe for life.

YOUNG MEN – How will the men of tomorrow treat the women in their lives? The Men of Respect series challenges boys to rethink social norms and choose respect.


Teenage girls are pressured to look and act in a certain way to gain the attention of boys and the approval of their friends. These pressures can be stressful, confusing and can take the fun out of growing up. This presentation encourages girls to develop confidence and a strong respect for self. It discusses hot topics like dating, social media and rumours and encourages girls to look out for one another. 


What makes a man? What is true manhood? This presentation encourages boys to define manhood around their character rather than their sexuality. It addresses their developing attitudes toward women and healthy relationships. It encourages them to make the choice to be men of respect, allies for women in society and in relationships. 

So for girls we are talking about empowerment and self respect which is wonderful in theory, however boys are not given that lesson. Boys are told “what makes a man” and that they shouldn’t be thinking with their dicks – as if that’s all boys think about!

Basic biology tells you that girls develop sexually a few years ahead of boys. If either gender is predominantly thinking about sex at this age it would be the girls.

There is also a strong requirement to develop boys self confidence and respect them as being different to girls. Boys are also worried about how they look, how they groom themselves, what physical size or shape they are taking, and boys too are subject to rumours and bullying on social media.


Many girls feel helpless when they are the target of unwanted sexual remarks and advances, and the lasting harm to victims can be devastating. This one hour presentation discusses the nature of sexual harassment and its effects, and suggests a group protection strategy to help girls look out for one another.

Assuming boys and girls are attracted to each other, how is a boy to know if a girl likes him unless he can make an advance towards talking to her? If this is how they claim girls are victimised, then I fear for the human race. Maybe we should just change nature altogether and force the girls to approach the boys. We want equality after all. It is natural that there be some fear, trepidation and even a little excitement for both parties. If this lesson was more about resilience, I would find it more appropriate. What is is telling girls however, is that if a boy tries to interact with them that they are automatically victimised.


The unlimited availability of pornography on the internet has contributed to record levels of use, but is it healthy? This presentation explores the way that porn negatively shapes male attitudes toward women and encourages students to rethink porn in order build respectful relationships.

And here we have boys and their perceived sexual addiction again – because penis + privilege = predator.

There is an assumption that the girls do not watch porn and yet the UK reports that 1 in 3 women watch it. The Porn Report was the first mainstream study of pornography in Australia, which draws on extensive empirical research. Researcher Catharine Lumby said “Statistically speaking, watching more porn doesn’t correlate with worse attitudes towards women,” 


Boys often fail to realise the harm caused to girls by their ‘funny’ sexual remarks and advances. This presentation highlights sexual harassment as an expression of male weakness and is designed to make such behaviour ‘uncool’ in a year group.

And let it got no unsaid that boys too are frequently victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault, as well as feelings of discomfort an uncertainty when it comes to sexual interactions.

When you compare advertising we assume is OK in Australia, you will remember how a sign of being a good man was correlated with his penis size in this TV advertisement about speeding  No one thinks big of you which again, apparently only boys speed!!

So “sexual harassment” is indeed a sign of male weakness because according to this teaching, if you are a man who is sexually harassed you must be weak.


‘Date Rape’ is the most common form of sexual assault against young women, affecting one third of sexually active teenagers and young adults. This popular one hour presentation offers useful information on consent, advice for avoiding potentially harmful situations and a reliable strategy for self-protection.

Note the typical feminist smoke and mirrors here. It refers to sexual assault against only young women and then refers to a report of all active teenagers and young adults.  


‘Date Rape’ is the most common form of sexual assault against young women. This presentation helps boys to understand their legal and social responsibilities regarding consent, and encourages them to consider what it means to be men of respect in their relationships.

As we all know, when a boy and girl are drunk the boy is responsible and the girl is not. We know this because girls are given ‘useful information’ and the boys are given their ‘legal responsibilities’.  If you have to ask why you haven’t been paying attention in class, because penis + privilege = predator.

The best lesson they could have given boys here is do not go to parties or socialise with girls where there is alcohol or drugs because girls are not capable of consenting or being responsible for their actions.

Teaching consent to both boys and girls is necessary, but most also know it instinctively.

I have always said that the most important relationship you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself. Teach boys and girls about self respect and empowerment and they will naturally respect other people.

If we continue to demonise boys in this manner we will find several potentially catastrophic outcomes.

  • Boys will be even more conflicted with feelings of shame.
  • They will be more likely to do poorly in school.
  • They will be more likely to internalise their feelings and frustrations,
  • The already catastrophic male suicide rate may elevate even more.
  • We will potentially see more anger and aggression and contempt for society as a whole.

I really dread where this is heading.

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
George Orwell, 1984



About the author


Jasmin is a specialist men’s coach who supports men in all aspects of relationships, but specifically those who are going through high conflict separation and divorce. She is also a dedicate advocate for services for men and their children who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Jasmin helps men who are struggling and feeling lost and alone, to move to a place of acceptance and confidence so they can move ahead and live a life consistent with their values and beliefs. She believes strongly in the power of overcoming past hurts through empathy and compassion.

She is a mother of two, author, presenter and coach. She lives in the idyllic coastal town of Merimbula, NSW, Australia.

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  • bloke

    My teenage son will be pre-emptively educated at home as a counterbalance to this divisive,caustic feminist indoctrination.
    As Jasmin put it, these boys will disregard such loaded and biased attempt at demonising them and revolt against such an insult to their intelligence and gender.
    My concern is the program is rolled out to younger primary age children whose parents are unaware of underpinning feminist war on men/boys and may even see it as a good thing.