The Conversation Has To Change ~ Now

Written by Jamie Scanlon

Violence Against Women, Violence Against Men, and Violence Against Animals – Key Word – Violence – This Conversation Has To Change Now.

I am astounded that an article written by the CEO of White Ribbon was allowed to be unleashed amongst the public, let alone that these words were constructed by a human brain. I can’t decide if the current Domestic Violence talks in the media are to gain votes or get money, I can only base my thinking off the information I read and see in the media and via other sources that I check myself. Ever since this debate erupted, something has not sat right within me and I have witnessed behaviours and heard words come out of peoples mouths that concern me.

It’s one thing to report on untoward occurrences going on in society, but it is another to do so in such a way that it subtly changes the thinking of the masses to hate another living being. It’s become almost fashionable to have an opinion on violence against women and children these days. I seriously question whether or not the keyboard warriors of the Internet have the capacity to think, or if they are merely regurgitating a headline they’ve seen earlier that day.

The Domestic Violence debate in my opinion is doing nothing but created a divide between the sexes. It is just another form of fuel to a fight that has been going on for way too long and it is about time we took a step back and agreed that violence against ANYONE be they male or female, is not ok.

Why aren’t we looking at why PEOPLE are so angry these days? What has gotten into us? Why is there so much hate? Or is there even that much hate in the ‘real’ world, the one that we don’t see on our screens or in our newspapers.

It’s one thing to report on untoward occurrences going on in society, but it is another to do so in such a way that it subtly changes the thinking of the masses to hate another living being.

I feel like there is an underlying issue amongst welfare and services of the like, and that is the issue of money and funding. There are those who really don’t want the issues we face in society to be fixed; why? Because then many of us would not have jobs. If we truly address violence, drug taking, crime, murder, rape and all things untoward, then there would be little if any need for social workers, police, medical and health professionals and the like. We as a society have created an entire industry that depends on other people suffering – and there is money in it.

Many people like to be ‘seen’ to be doing something about issues these days. Many people are more than happy to ‘like’ or ‘share’ a post on social media and then go about their day feeling good that they have ‘supported’ and issue. I call bullshit. I’ve worked in the welfare sector for going on 10 years now and I’ve seen my fair share of posers in my time and I tell you those that we don’t see in the news and media, it’s those who are out there on the ground actually doing the work. The ones who come in and pick up the pieces after the shit has hit the fan, the ones who aren’t commenting on articles on line because they are working in excess of 100 hours per week, and it’s not for the love of it, it is because there is work to be done.

If we are to evolve any further as beings on this Earth, then the conversation around violence has to change, and it has to change now. There is no gain in singling out a gender, a race, or any minority group and metaphorically burning them at the stake. Do we learn nothing from our past? The time has come for everybody to calm down, remove the labels that we have given everyone and everything in our society and have an honest and transparent conversation about the goings on, with no money exchanged under the table. Those days are well and truly over and the latest campaigns that are doing nothing more than inspiring hate, are that out of desperation of those who have done some shitty things behind closed doors in order to keep living their lush lifestyles, but be seen to be doing oh so much.



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Jamie Scanlon

Welcome to the inner workings of my brain…I have been thinking and writing for a long time and have a lot to share with the world on a range of topics. The name of my blog stems from a nickname I got at work a few years ago “scandalous” being made up partially of my surname and partially of some of the perceived controversial situations and conversations I would find myself in on a daily if not hourly basis. I’m a healer, philosopher, intuitive reader & writer. So sit back, take a deep breath and let the words sooth your soul. My mind knows no boundaries; it is a Universe unto itself and like the Universe, seemingly never ends. Follow me to a new world.