Some Men Sharing Their Thoughts and Experiences.

A few months ago my life turned upside down. My wife, closest friend, soulmate dropped a bombshell.

I felt hurt, worthless and quite frankly, although I wanted to fight for her, I felt like my life was pretty much over.

Then I contacted Jas. What can I say? I am so glad I did. To say she helped is an understatement!

Now, I’m your typical man, I don’t do the talking thing, but Jas is so easy to talk to, nonjudgmental, and a great listener. For someone I have only ever met through cyberspace, I quickly felt comfortable and trusted her without question.

Now, she didn’t make it easy! We had some difficult conversations, but they were honest and focused on me and getting me right.

Jas coached me to do things that challenged me. Made me look at myself and sort my feelings out. Ultimately, it wasn’t about fixing the bombshell, but about me. Getting me right would help the other issues whatever the outcome.

I saw a comment on Facebook that was something like “this women knows about men”…..she really does. She helped me and could help you. Don’t hesitate! The worst that will happen us you will end up with a great friend.

Thanks Jas x

Viktor De Vries – Belgium

Robert Westerberg – United Kingdom


And From a Woman’s Perspective

I have been a client of Jasmin Newman for the past few months. I was seeking to objectively find clarity in a few aspects of my life, but primarily I needed to find “Me” in amongst a bucket load of stuff that was smothering me emotionally and physically.

Over a period of a few sessions I really had to dig deep to cut through the superficial and conditioning restraints that were keeping me paralysed and fearful.

Jas said to me “One day you will wake up and just get it” hmmmm I thought ok.

True to her word a few months passed and lots of personal self work later I woke up and finally felt exactly as she had described it.  My blinkers had been lifted, I emerged out of my boxed and compartmentalised thinking and I “got it”.  Once I felt self acceptance in love for myself there was a shift in my life.  My physical being is still the same, but my body is now charged with self love which radiates like a beacon for all to see and I am showing up and starring in my own life.

I am worthy, I am whole, I am pure love and I attract the same into my life.

My life has changed in many positive ways, I am a confident, beautiful me and in hindsight I always was I just got lost and confused by anothers negative choices of which I rode the coat tails.

I highly recommend Jasmin if you are seeking an honest, forthright Mentor and Life Coach to guide you to find and be the best you