DSC04724Jasmin Newman provides a confidential, fee for service coaching ~ available online via Skype or phone anywhere around the globe. 

Sometimes the most difficult problems we face, we often face alone. It’s not uncommon for men to want to handle things themselves and that’s more than fair enough. It’s most likely the way you’ve been raised, or is natural to you.

However many of the men who reach out to me are also feeling isolated, and often in shock or a deep state of despair.

The biggest issue I see with going it alone is these issues you are facing are quite unique and not something you are likely to have endured before. They certainly are not commonly understood.

Over the past 4 years or so I have helped many hundreds of men in the situation you now find yourself in. Whether you’re going through relationship breakdown, need help regarding shared parenting arrangements, or even if you need a hand sorting out the paperwork minefield you have now found yourself in the middle of; Or perhaps you are facing the end of your relationship and need help navigating the very first steps.

Whatever your situation, having someone to guide you in the right direction, shortcut a lot of potential wrong turns and keep you on a smoother, easier path is going to benefit you.

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Jasmin Newman – Specialist Men’s Coach

  • MindMap – Cognitive & Behavioural Neuroscience Coaching
  • Accredited Mediator
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Certified Personal Trainer & Children’s Trainer & Educator

*I am an registered and NMAS mediator however am not certified to do Family Dispute Resolution and can not issue section 60i certificates. My mediation focus is on couples conflict coaching.