The Paradox Of Love And Fear

Written by Jasmin

The Paradox Of Love And Fear

Our two most primal emotions are love and fear. They are present in all of us and our brains require both of them for survival.

We tend to think that if we have love, we don’t have fear – yet they live along side each other, not in isolation.

Even though love is the thing we most desire, from the moment we first experience it, there is also an abundance of contradicting foreboding feelings. Fear of loss, rejection, pain, disconnect.

So in seeking the comfort of love, we are also seeking the experience of fear.

The internal turmoil that this creates, stimulates our brains to a place of ecstasy. That heightened feeling of risk, the gamble, the path of uncertainty.

The true human tragedy comes when we let that powerful driving force of fear, stop us.

In decision making, we can either chose a path out of a place of love or a place of fear.

When we decide out of love, we follow our passion, our energy, creative space and driving force. We know it’s risky, but we take that risk.

When we decide out of fear, we are choosing to suppress our desires and our wants and the motivational, inspirational experiences that we need for happiness.

In either decision – you can fail. Choosing out of fear, does not guarantee safety.

I choose love. What do you choose?

* The motivation for this blog came from this emotional and heart felt speech, by Jim Carey.



About the author


Jasmin is a specialist men’s coach who supports men in all aspects of relationships, but specifically those who are going through high conflict separation and divorce. She is also a dedicate advocate for services for men and their children who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Jasmin helps men who are struggling and feeling lost and alone, to move to a place of acceptance and confidence so they can move ahead and live a life consistent with their values and beliefs. She believes strongly in the power of overcoming past hurts through empathy and compassion.

She is a mother of two, author, presenter and coach. She lives in the idyllic coastal town of Merimbula, NSW, Australia.

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