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Author Contributions Brief

Relating To Men aims to provide a one-stop site for men and fathers to discuss the real issues facing men, particularly in relation to surviving marital breakdown and or relationships as well as maintaining their health and fitness.

Categories will include:

Sex and relationships

  • Dating
  • Personal development
  • Relationships


  • Shared parenting
  • Parental alienation
  • Dads & families

Gender Politics

  • Domestic violence
  • Social justice

Health & Wellbeing

  • Fitness
  • Mental Health / Wellbeing
  • Other health related content

Target: Postfeminist Men

Postfeminist men are those who have been raised in the prevalence of feminism. They accept gender equality as a given, don’t want to marry a maid, but also want to have equal rights and consideration for men. The majority of these men would consider themselves non-feminists as a byproduct of having been harmed in some way by feminist ideology.

Postfeminist men are loving, kind, respectful men. They love and respect women, but they may have experienced the darker side of some women’s behavior, such as victims of domestic violence, or difficult child custody disputes.

Relating To Men articles will encourage men to be accepting of themselves and their masculinity and to have their own definitions of what that means, rather that societal expectations.

Relating To Men will promote positive images of fatherhood and support men in pro family conversations about raising children. It will have a focus on mental and physical health and never demonize men for their gender.

Contributions will be welcome from authors who meet the following:

  • Are competent writers, needing little direction or editing
  • Are able to use WordPress or willing to learn (very easy)
  • Can write to preferred length of 800-2000 words
  • Able to source their own images for commercial use with attribution
  • Have a genuine interest in men and men’s issues
  • Have a gravitar (or establish one) at


Please send an initial article submission in word.doc format to

I am happy to republish already published works, with attribution to first published source.