Alienation From Your Children

If you are a parent who has been alienated from his children because of an unfair court ruling or process, then you are facing a long and difficult battle.  The family court system we have quite simply astounds me and I hope one day we can find our way to a less adversarial and more family inclusive model which facilitates children’s relationship with both parents, even when those parents no longer get along.  I don’t have the immediate answers to fix this I’m afraid, although there are many of us doing our best to improve the status quo, it’s a long road ahead yet before we see that to fruition.

It’s perfectly normal for you to feel angry, hurt and frustrated and it’s also normal to cry and feel down.

Having supported many hundreds of men through this process, often it’s the simplest and most basic things that you need to address first. Keeping a routine, staying strongly connected to your own family and friends, and keep your health and fitness on track.

You have been wronged and while there still may be legal avenues for you to pursue, you simply can’t get your children back any faster.

What you must do, is never give up, even if your legal fight is over. Many children reach out for the alienated parent when the reach maturity or an age when they start to ask questions. They need to be able to find you, and start the process of getting to know you again.

The following short video is from a young woman who was alienated from her loving Dad for 10 years. Even though at times it was excruciatingly difficult, he never gave up!