Relating To Men is for every man who has felt blindsided by a relationship breakdown he never saw coming, or has hit the point of despair when he came face to face with the heartbreaking reality of having to fight for his children in an adversarial court system.

Often feeling isolated, lost and alone, Relating To Men provides support for men to help them manage the day to day survival of this transition period, while enduring one of life's greatest challenges.

Practical hands on help is delivered in a pragmatic but compassionate way, to help men maintain a sense of calm and rationale when it feels like the rest of the world is conspiring against them.

Fee for service coaching is provided via Skype or phone on an as needs basis. Daily, weekly or monthly call options available.

This website comprises of an expansive list of free articles, video presentations, documentaries and resources collated over the past 4 years ~ and it will continue to grow!

Women are most welcome here and coaching agreements are available for women who want help in understanding their relationships with men, better.

The 'Dad' Documentary

The Impact Of Parental Alienation

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